How your mindset can impact your working week for the better

How many times have you heard the saying “wow looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!”

Okay, who’s with me here – how much do you HATE that saying?

First of all, I have probably already clocked that I’m in a bad mood and am doing my best to change it. Secondly, if someone says that to me … it generally puts me in a WORSE mood than I was in before.

Whether you’re at uni, working or even trying to enjoy a Saturday morning off – your mood dictates how much you enjoy breakfast with your friends, how you’re perceived by others and how you handle potential annoyances.

I want to chat to you about putting your mindset in the best position to tackle the week.

Hopefully by acing your days with the zen of a yogi, patience of a teacher and determination of a body-builder: we can ensure that when Friday swings around, we’re not sipping on espresso martinis because of #stress but we’re celebrating #success.

1 // Prepare for your Monday on Sunday 

I know the last thing you want to do on a Sunday is even think about how you have work, responsibilities and people to answer to tomorrow. In fact, if you feel nervous or anxious on a Sunday about your tomorrow, you’re not alone (read about it here and here, read about how to curb it here).

I back this statement though: there is nothing better than waking up on Monday morning with your lunch ready and your clothes ironed. Take 15 minutes out of your Sunday afternoon to do these two things and revel in the difference it makes to the flow of your morning.

In fact, meal prep and coordinate your outfits for the whole week on Sunday and enjoy the bliss of 10 more minutes with your coffee each day.

2 // What you do as soon as you wake up WILL determine your mood for the rest of the day

Scrolling Instagram? Checking your e-mail? Replying to a Facebook tag? Hmm …

The first few moments after you wake up are probably the quietest and most time you’ll have alone to yourself, out of the entire day. So instead of wasting this time mucking around on your phone why not try the following:

>> Jot down a few incentives for your day or your week

>> While you eat your breakfast … use the time to be mindful of the day that you have coming up

>> Have 10 minutes to spare? Pick up that book of yours that you’ve been struggling to find the time to read.

Read this article on what the productive morning routines of 5 highly effective people look like.

3 // It’s all about perspective 

Let me give you an example:

I was on my way to work – I was actually running early as well #win – and my morning was going smoothly until I fell off the bus as I was getting off.

I literally fell. off. the. bus.

Now aside from this being more painful than anything I had ever experienced … it also meant that the general ‘plan’ I had for my day was ruined.

So what happened? I hobbled to work, Lisa took me to the RBH and once I got the all-clear I went home. Instead of pitying myself and my bad luck (or lack of coordination skills) – I napped, had some food and accepted that I would not be ticking off any tasks today.

The rest, and day-pass I gave myself ensured that when I went to work the next day – my mind was clear and I was ready to tackle the day. Moral of the story? As Lis messaged me that afternoon – “shit happens.” You’re not going to be in control of everything every day of the week, but how you handle the curve-balls and how much resilience you have definitely helps.

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