Your graduation date is not a hard deadline for “get your life together”.

If there’s one thing I have learned from you (our #genYOU community), it’s that you are some of the most driven and motivated students I’ve met.

Heck – when I was at uni, I 100% was not attending the same amount of events or as actively involved in student clubs as I should have been. So when I have the awesome opportunity of meeting you in person at our events (yep the generationYOU team *actually* exist outside of these articles), it blows me away how much initiative you are all taking for your career journeys.

There’s something that stands out in particular though.

For some reason, no matter how much advice we give – most of you seem to think that you need to know how to do absolutely everything successfully before graduating.

I’m talking:

> Being able to confidently walk into a room and striking up a convo with Sally, Harry and Mary

> Having an epic personal brand that brings you opportunities left right and centre

> Having 500+ LinkedIn connections

> Complimenting your degree with 5 internships and 4 volunteer positions

> Knowing every trick, trade, skill and hack for your industry

> Keeping an enviable work/life balance that makes your friends and family wonder “how does she do it all and keep it all together?”

*Big inhale* It’s a bloody mouthful right? And make no mistake – I could keep going on and on and on.

If the list above doesn’t intimidate you then, sh*t you do not need to be reading our Career Hacks, because you literally have it all together.

But for the rest of us. It’s a huge lump sum of pressure – that I KNOW you’ve made into a ‘to do before I graduate’ list.

Here’s some #NoFilter advice: Your graduation date should not be a hard deadline for “getting my life together”.

Newsflash. Heck, even when you have a full-time job: there will still be times when you feel like your life is ‘not together’.

It’s frickin awesome to have goals. To be driven. To be motivated to make your career the very best it can be. That’s what we encourage here at generationYOU, and it’s why we put so much sweat, blood and hard work into helping you achieve these goals.

So instead of highlighting your graduation date on your calendar and making it the ‘be all and end all’ indication of whether you have ‘#KilledIt this year, here are 5 things to consider before your graduation date instead:

1 // You will not be the first graduate that your employer has hired before. They will not expect you to come with “I know how to do everything” handbook. You are allowed to LEARN on the job.

2 // “Networking” is really just being able to have a conversation – you can practice this everyday! You don’t need to include ‘networking’ on your resume to be hired.

3 // Instead of aiming for a high amount of volunteer and internship positions – aim for quality positions that allow you to expand your skillset and experience. This will be looked upon more favourably than a string of random positions!

4 // Your personal brand WILL evolve. It’s not something that you need to have finalised and finessed!

5 // It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and to give yourself a break. You don’t have to ‘keep it together’ 24/7, 365 days of the year.