Write your own script.

Who doesn’t love a fairy tale ending? It’s human nature right? Starting with the stories we are told as children, we are intrinsically taught that despite the conflict we may face, somehow there will be a happy ending. That’s just how it is.


Or is it?


Over the Xmas break I had the opportunity to catch up on some movies I had been wanting to watch and one of those movies was La La Land. As the movie progressed, I was drawn to the development of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s relationship and their own personal journeys that surrounded the relationship. I thought I saw the ending coming and then – bam – the last 10 minutes took a 360 degree turn and the ending was not what I thought it would be.


Whilst you could argue the ending was in fact – a happy one – it was not the fairy tale I was expecting, and it really annoyed me.


In fact, I actually googled “La La Land ending” to check I had understood it correctly! Apparently, it wasn’t just me. There were thousands of articles discussing the ending and explaining that it was never meant to have the fairy tale we had hoped for. From the outset, the writers and producers had wanted to buck the trend and tell their own story … and that’s exactly what they did.


That got me thinking …


How much of our lives do we spend acting out a script that someone else has written? Working towards the ending that we think we should have? Are we actually in charge of our own destiny, or are we simply reading someone else’s lines?


Here’s my challenge to you for 2018: Write. Your. Own. Script. 


Make this year, the year you stop doing the things that other people expect you to do and do the things that YOU want to do.


Take control, set your own goals and choose the areas of life that you want to focus on.


Define your own success.


Maybe your script will be just what people expect, and that is 110% fine. Actually, it is testament that you are doing what you are meant to be doing.


Maybe your script will be significantly different to previous years … things that were important in the past will get less focus whilst you turn your attention to other areas of your life.


Or maybe 2018 is the year to take that U-turn you have been pondering about but never quite had the courage to execute.


Whatever you do, the outcome is less important than the fact that you are taking control of your own journey and living the life you truly want.


Good luck and may 2018 be all that you hope it will be!


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