Why you should be at generationYOU Adelaide 2019.

So you’ve stumbled across generationYOU Adelaide through a friend, your University club, on Facebook or it’s the event your Mum keeps nagging you about. But who exactly is generationYOU and what happens at our events?

Let’s get REAL. University is a big deal. So is the piece of paper you get after years of hard work and study! But in the real world, your degree is only half the story.

When it comes to getting a job, employers expect more.

You’re expected to be good at skills like problem solving, networking, critical thinking, personal branding, emotional intelligence and communication … just to name a few.

Which is where our events come in. At our one-day generationYOU event in Adelaide, we’re giving you the opportunity to hear #NoFilter advice from our industry speakers, learn key skills, unleash your potential and find your edge.

Join us on September 6 to …

Learn >> Learn from local legends, speakers and mentors as they share #NoFilter advice on how you can prepare for the current + future work environment and stand out from the crowd. Check out the full program. 

Ask >> Ask industry leaders and mentors from a range of personal + professional backgrounds nitty gritty career questions. Check out our epic speaker lineup.

Meet >> Meet and network with peers and mentors: humans who are all dedicated to helping you professionally and personally achieve success!

Sounds like something you want in on? We thought you’d be interested! For more info + tickets jump onto the generationYOU Adelaide 2019 event page.

If you have any questions you’d like answered by one of our team members you can email us on hello@generationyou.com.au! Ps. For all event news + fortnightly Career Hacks articles, drop your email details below!