Who are millennials competing with?

Hey. How are you?


That’s good to hear. Now how are you REALLY?


You might be #killingit at work, at uni, at life. Or you might be pushing through one of your hardest weeks physically and mentally.


Wherever you’re at, I want you to spend the next 3 minutes being completely honest with yourself. Why? Because it will mean that the 3 minutes you spend on this article won’t be a waste.


How easy is it to access snapshots into millennials lives? Get a first and last name of someone and you’ve got their Facebook and Instagram at the touch of your fingertips. “Oh she’s studying this degree at this uni and working part-time at this cafe.” “Oh he owns this car and has this type of dog.” “Oh she travels every 3 months and has this many followers.”


Easy access into the personal lives of other millennials means that our perspective of success shifts and incidentally the expectations for ourselves shifts as well. It also means that we’re finding it harder to celebrate others success because we’re too busy competing with them (59% of us said competition is “what gets us up in the morning”).


A study showed that our brains literally adjust the value we see in something based on how much we expect others value it. Crazy right? I am definitely guilty of this. I have talked my media and communications degree DOWN whilst conversing with someone who studies law – because lawyers are viewed by society, generally higher in the pecking order than media professionals.


As a fellow millennial living in 2017, we’re blessed to be part of a generation that is literally at a higher advantage for success than any other generation before us. Great!! This means that our own individual percentage for success in our careers and our lives are greater than our parents.


So what can we do with how we view our own success, and how can we LEARN from others instead of comparing ourselves to them? I’ve got 3 tips:


1. // Write a list of things and/or people that interest you, inspire you and educate you. Do you follow these figures on your social accounts? Do you follow accounts that post about things that interest you i.e. Travel, Sport or Arts? Aim to fill your feeds with content that uplifts you – try and stay away from accounts that cause you anxiety or jealousy.


Instagram is my favourite platform. Some accounts I love include:


2. // Review the goals and expectations that you set for yourself! Are they too low? Challenge is crucial for growth in our careers and life. Are they too high? Too many set-backs will diminish the confidence you have in yourself. Make sure that these goals and expectations only have YOUR best interests in mind. Consider the phrase “better an oops than a maybe.”


3. // Penalty kick shootouts are typically won and lost based on who can handle the pressure and who will crack (read more about that here) – AKA we can literally sabotage our own success. I guarantee you will shoot and score a lot more, if give yourself a pat on the back now and again and SLOW DOWN.