11 tips from our Industry Legends // Sydney & Adelaide

Wow, we had an absolute blast at our recent generationYOU Live Events in Sydney and Adelaide! As a final wrap-up, and a special resource for those of you who couldn’t join us, we’ve collected some of the best advice from our speakers and popped them into a blog post for you!

Sydney Keynote – Sam Allert, CEO, Reckon 

Just do it. Make a plan and have a crack. And also – believe in yourself. Live yourself. Not only the good, but accept the bad as well, and accept yourself.

Adelaide Keynote – Graham Charbonneau, Director, studio -gram

Collaboration… you don’t know everything, its good to work with people who are experts in their field.

Kym Viant, DBL 

The best way to view a problem is to turn it into an opportunity; an opportunity to learn, develop, innovate or change.

Jo Dean, Ashurst 

Each industry is super competitive. For us, extra-curricular activities are expected and they are a minimum requirement.

Alana Stocks, Circul8 

Don’t just ask yourself WHAT you do, ask yourself WHY you do it. This will become the strongest pillar of your personal brand.

James Findlay, Hub Adelaide 

When networking, apply the SPEC method. Show up. Prepare. Engage. Connect.

Nadine Zrinzo, generationYOU

Making it hard for the interviewer is always going to be a problem. Gaps in your CV and non-consistent stories are not good.

Lisa Renneisen, generationYOU

Sloppiness in your written communication can be a deal-breaker when it comes to being selected for a job – check and double-check your work.

David O’Loughlin, KWP! 

Let your brand emerge naturally from the good things that are already inside you.

Jacqueline Taylor, Ashurst 

When applying for a role, it’s important to submit a tailored cover letter that shows the recruiter or hiring manager that you have done your research!

Kasia Stelmach, Hub Australia 

Be confident that you can learn ON THE GO. Use the tools at your disposal to create your own solutions.