genYOU Micro Stories 01

Our generationYOU micro stories showcase a collection of people who are on their way to unleashing their potential.

And with only a few weeks to go until our live events in Brisbane and Melbourne, our talented intern Amelia took to the bustling Melbourne streets, asking individuals: ‘What does unleashing your potential mean to you?’

Each answer was raw powerful, showing us that we’re all on a unique journey to becoming our best self.

>> “When I think about potential, it means staying motivated and working on my studies so that I have a solid foundation to jump into my career. It’s not just enough to go by the “P’s get degrees” mantra anymore, I know I need to get ahead and distinguish myself somehow from the group.”

>> “To me, unleashing my potential means embracing new opportunities. Whether it be an internship and travel overseas or a challenging new job, I’m always looking for a chance to do something new.”

>> “I think for a lot of people, potential can be a scary word. You always hear about needing to ‘live up to your potential’ and that puts a lot of pressure on someone. At the moment I think that if I work hard and really try and put myself out there I should be on track.”

>> “You have always got to stay focussed on what you want. That makes it easier to push yourself. If you know you have the potential to do something or be something you can’t only put in half the effort. It needs to be 100%.”

Photographed and collected by: Amelia Hough, Melbourne Intern Extraordinaire.