The Art of Hustling.

Do you have a hustle mindset?

Whilst your parents might have been doing the Hustle in 1975, the term has a completely different meaning in 2017.

Today, the hustle, translates to hard work, results and a commitment to #win no matter what the challenges or costs. Resilience, resourcefulness, strength and a clear vision lie at the centre of any successful hustler.

The focus is not simply on doing but on generating positive results to move towards a vision.

Most well-known entrepreneurs are also great hustlers. It’s tough to have one without the other.  A great example is Gary V, who is pretty much the King of Hustlers.

He works a good 17 hours a day and is constantly producing quality work- which is critical. Your hustle is measured by how much productive work you have accomplished, the goals you are kicking and the growth you are creating.

Whilst not everyone can get to Gary V’s level of work, there is a lot around his hustle that we can learn from.

So, what is a hustle mindset in practical terms and where do I buy one from?

Let’s start off by identifying the top 5 traits of a good hustler:

1 // Resilience and Adaptability 

A hustler aims to push him/herself out of their comfort zone, to achieve things not achieved before and to push boundaries. This inevitably comes with failure.

The challenge is not in the failure itself but how you deal with it – in particular, how quickly you bounce back and what you learn/take away from it.

2 // We only have 24 hours in a day – it’s the one thing we all have in common. 

What sets you apart is not only how use those hours but how you leverage all the resources at your disposal. And by resources we mean people, money, knowledge and systems.

3 // The drive to succeed is fruitless without a stubborn persistence.

Things will go wrong, they will take longer then you’d like, markets change, customers are fickle, challenges are constant – without persistence you will fall at the first hurdle and give up.

4 // Thrive with hard work.

The challenge is not so much that work is hard, but constant. If you are hustling then you are constantly producing, meeting, achieving and even when you get some wins you are pushing even harder for the next wins.

The wheel never stops turning. Whilst some people sail through their day with little effort, you are 100% switched on all the time.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that they work all hours, sometimes at the detriment of their social life, hobbies and sometimes family and health. Discipline becomes the key to managing yourself – as you would in a marathon!

5 // An unshakeable belief! 

In yourself, in what you are doing, in your team and that in the end you will succeed. This is the foundation of the earlier 4 points. Belief is what will get you through the tough times, inspire others and carry you through to the finish line.



Part of developing the right mindset is developing the right personal skills and attitudes that go with it. We all have some level of the above traits, though you might feel that you are stronger in some rather than others. Many of the above are like muscles, they strengthen with time and use.

For example, my resilience today is much better than it was a few years ago – it’s one of those traits that get better with time and experience, however being aware of how you deal with disappointment or failure will help you bounce back better (with less bruises!)

Strengthen your hustle muscles by:

> Learning from others.

> Building a regular awareness practice.

> Trying something new each week.

> Seizing and creating opportunities for yourself.

> Learning from your mistakes or failures.

> Being focused on producing relevant work.

> Enjoying the ride – success is a marathon not a sprint!