Tangible ways to reduce ‘overwhelmed’ syndrome.

This is a random collection – there is no rhyme or reason aside from the fact that all the points below will help you beat the busyness syndrome. Where possible, we linked our comments with a blog post, article or video to give you more insight or depth into the tip.

1 // BUSY is not the new black.

How many times do you ask someone how they are doing and they respond by saying they are busy? Being busy is not cool – it makes you sound like your life isn’t in control. Everyone is busy and stressed, its not helping you to stand out of the crowd!

Change the conversation… replace the automatic ‘busy’ answer with… ‘I’m doing great thanks’, ‘work’s good’, ‘so so, there is a lot on my plate at the moment’, ‘I’m plodding along’, ‘I’m excited about things’ ‘there is soo much learning to do’ – really anything with a positive spin!

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2 // There are times when we forget that life is a marathon and not a sprint. 

We get excited by the next shiny new object and want everything right NOW. Cultivating patience is important, more than anything for our sanity.

Recognise that you cannot do everything all the time – that there are times when you will need to focus on exams; on training for that half marathon; on getting all in, in your new job and that’s OK.

Look through the next three months and block out the periods when you know you are going to have a lot on your plate for one reason or another. That’s when you know that everything else needs to take a back seat. Similarly work out your quiet times and use them to either recharge or get onto backburner projects like updating your LinkedIn profile…

… on that note keep a backburner list that includes everything you would like to do when you get time.

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3 // When things are quiet, take time to recharge. 

I am terrible at this and need to schedule in holidays or staycations to keep myself from working.

Overworking when you are overwhelmed will only increase your stress; reduce your decision-making abilities, exasperate your fatigue and basically keep you for performing at your peak – which is the opposite of what we want.

Plan your down-time in advance and don’t let anything get in your way. Say no to extra commitments that would reduce ‘me’ time and do the things you love doing, that often get pushed to the side.

My stamina is terrible. I need 9 hours of sleep each night and a good break every 10 weeks. Overindulgent? Maybe, however I learnt that I can squeeze more out of my potentially reduced working time this way, then if I keep pushing without a pause button.

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