10 ways to take the ‘work’ out of networking

Networking IS tough! And awkward. For most of us, it can be a real struggle to take the work out of networking.

Because it’s not just about meeting new people and making small talk – the real challenge comes in forming a genuine connection.

But how do you keep nurturing a new relationship so that both parties can grow and benefit from each other in a positive way?

This year at generationYOU 2017, our attendees learned a lot about the core of networking – we put their new skills to the test and also ran a competition on the day to get insight on their best networking tips and tricks.

We’re sharing our favourite 10 answers with you!

1 // Connections are like friends, find the real ones. – Michael Carroll

2 // Just do it. Jump in the deep end. – Amy Hardwick

3 // Be genuine, listen to what the other person says and try and be helpful. – Grace Chipperfield

4 // Get to know the person’s personality and connect with them. – Dan Nguyen

5 // A smile and a friendly attitude is key in networking. – Nicklas Abel

6 // Remember what they say. That way you can engage with them and they can remember you through how you made them feel. – Stephanie Rogers

7 // Be self-aware and don’t get defeated by the negative voice in your brain. – Javier Won

8 // Investigate new ideas, be creative and have emotional intelligence. – Kelei Deng

9 // If something interests you, seize opportunities and say YES. – Emily Baxendale

10 // Take initiative! Be BRAVE. – Boon-Yew Tan

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