generationYOU 2018 – Sydney & Adelaide

It’s time to get REAL. 

University is a big deal. So to is the piece of paper you get after years of hard work and study! But out in the real world, your degree is only half the story … because when it comes to getting a job, employers expect more.

You’re expected to be good at skills like problem solving, networking, critical thinking, personal branding, emotional intelligence and communication … just to name a few.

These are skills you can’t fake. Nor can you simply absorb them and hope for the best! You need to learn them and you need to practice them.

That’s where our one-day generationYOU Live Events come in.

You spend one day with us, learning key employability skills directly from our local legends, mentors and managers.

In addition to learning and building on these skills, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your network, be inspired by incredible career journeys and enter the real world as a stronger graduate.

Below you’ll find a bunch of links to help you find out more about our Sydney and Adelaide generationYOU Live Events. If you have any questions you’d like answered by one of our team members you can email us on!

generationYOU Sydney | August 30th 2018 

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generationYOU Adelaide | September 7th 2018

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