How I scored my new job with doughnuts

Doughnuts. Yes, you did read that right.

Three weeks ago, I landed my new dream role here at generationYOU as an Event Assistant. It was the greatest news I could imagine receiving and doughnuts helped me get here.

But how, may you ask, can a round piece of sweet dough, stuffed full of ooey-gooey apple and cinnamon goodness and glazed in delicious caramel with pecan crumbs sprinkled on top help you land that amazing new gig?

Easy I say – doughnuts help to set you apart from the crowd. But first let me give you some context.

A few weeks ago, I found out that generationYOU was looking for an Event Assistant to join their team – this was exciting news! I had been searching to find work for almost nine months with no success. Then when I heard that the team behind generationYOU were hiring, I couldn’t be more excited. Having volunteered with the team before, all I wanted was to join them on a permanent basis. This was my opportunity!

I jumped right into the application process, and this included a lot of research about why they exist and what their goals are. A key thing to always have at the top of your list when applying for jobs is doing your RESEARCH!


Social media and the world wide web aren’t just great for searching up this month’s epic fail videos and dog memes – they’re also fantastic tools for getting an inside scoop on the organisation behind the role you’re applying for.

I went over their website inside and out and made notes of all the key pointers on their site. One awesome pot of gold that I discovered was their Essential Tips blog posts (what you’re reading right now!) – one of which being a blog post about how to write a cover letter. Perfect! The treasure you can find when you search online! Their Facebook and Insta channels also allowed me to gain a greater glimpse into their world.

After doing my research, cover letter, CV and online application I pressed submit with pretty much every finger and toe crossed. And man, was it worth it because it got me that first interview. This was where the doughnut magic happened!

I had done my research, prepped mental answers for possible questions I could be asked and carefully thought out what I was going to wear. But there was something missing. I wanted that WOW factor, but I wasn’t quite hitting it. And that’s where the doughnuts came in.

On my way to the interview, I stopped in the city and bought a four pack of doughnuts from the one and only Doughnut Time (can I get a hell yeah?!).

This was my WOW factor.

I wanted to show that I thought about the extra details. I am willing to go that extra mile in everything I do. And that I want this role so so bad!

Walking into the office, with a big smile on my face and doughnuts in hand I happily greeted the lovely ladies of generationYOU. While catching up with each other, I handed over the box saying that I had bought them afternoon tea and this was received with – “Ohh you’re the best; you’ve got the job”. Music to my ears, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Now of course this was just an expression of sweet happiness for those precious little morsels, but I could certainly see they were happy to receive them, and that’s what I was hoping for. There were still a few obstacles to go (two interviews) before landing the job, but I think the doughnuts helped.

This is the point I am trying to make. In my situation, the doughnuts helped me stand out from the crowd. They helped me show that I will go the extra mile for this role, and that I think about the extra details. From the employer’s perspective, they will see your initiative and opportunistic thinking that you will apply to the role and help their organisation grow and achieve goals, making that doughnut purchase a win-win all round.

So the next time, you’re applying for that new dream job, attending that killer networking night, volunteering at the careers expo or even just in general life, think of that something that will help you stand out from the crowd and be remembered for all the right reasons. Find your doughnut magic and work it!