What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?

Your personal brand is an asset that you will carry with you throughout your entire career #nopressure. So. To help you with this all-important task, we went out into the wild and asked three awesome industry legends “What do you do regularly to improve your online brand?” Here’s what they had to say:

Jason Roulston, Co-Founder, Just Digital People

“It is manifesting that obsessed mindset of what I do, i.e. brokering digital talent, starting new businesses and mentoring my teams. I am always focusing on what new content I can put out on LinkedIn, together with my teams.

I instil a thought leadership style of expression through social media and I encourage everyone to back themselves every day through their thoughts.

Why do I do this? This is one of the best ways I know to fulfil my need for significance. Expressing my thoughts on how business should run is interesting to me.”

Edda Hamar, Founder & CEO, LÁNA

“I’m not super proactive with my online personal branding. I prefer to work hard and if publicity comes out of it, I’ll post an article or interview on an appropriate online channel.

I like to update my Instagram if I’m travelling for work, otherwise I’m not a huge ‘gramer. If an opportunity to apply for an award crosses my standing desk, I’ll usually put together a submission if I’m not busy with other work. It’s quite spontaneous!

I guess I get a haircut regularly so that I look presentable on a regular basis. Haha.

It can take a lot of time to maintain a personal brand and I think it can often distract from the main work that’s in front of you. I personally get a lot more out of working on my business than my personal brand, so I tend to avoid focusing on it.”

Jon Gooding, Senior Solutions Adviser at SAP

“I personally try to do at least 2-3 social media interactions each week, by simply liking or sharing content that is relevant to me. I also try to limit the social posts to areas that relate to either: 1) Me personally (e.g. fitness or running) 2) My role (presales) or 3) Innovations my company is doing that would relate to customers I have connections with.

I also try to do 1 decent blog a quarter, in either LinkedIn or specific to my employer’s blog sites. I find that this is a reasonable balance between not posting too much and not being a social alien.”