How to reduce ‘overwhelmed’ syndrome.

So it’s already February and I don’t know about you – but 2018 has me a little freaked out! I have already found myself spiralling into a “how am I going to achieve everything?” mindset.

The year started off quite simple right? We sat down. Felt refreshed and strong and wrote down our goals for the year. However, somewhere between mid-January and early February, tasks piled up … priorities got confused … and weekends became cluttered with checklists rather than personal enjoyment.

With the uni months coming up right around the corner, how do we combat feeling overwhelmed – not just today, but every week, and during all the months to come?

1 // It’s not a competition.

We tend to think we are competing with our friends, our Instagram followers, our family and our co-workers. We need to remember that the glimpses people give us into their lives are very heavily edited and often tweaked to only show the achievements rather than the struggle.

Yes, we want to holler our goals to the world and prove that we are #killingit every step of the way, but if your goals are not specifically for you and your happiness then maybe it’s time to write new ones.

2 // Make yourself a priority.  

It’s a scary thought to think that we are sometimes living life in ‘auto-pilot’. Breakfast – travel to work – work – see friends – travel home – attend a gym class – dinner – bed. Sure, this is essentially a typical day for most of us, but if we make an effort to regularly check in with how we’re feeling, we might find that living in auto-pilot isn’t actually benefitting our lives.

For example, it’s okay to give yourself a pass if your body isn’t feeling up to that gym class, or run or night out. YOU are your #1 priority in life, so don’t do things for the sake of them … follow through with plans because you want to.

While we are on the subject of you … when was the last time you took time to read a book quietly in the park, have a coffee by yourself in a cafe or chucked in some headphones and went for a walk? There’s a lot to be said about spending quality time with yourself and enjoying it.

3 // Slow down. 

In our goal-orientated world, it’s easy to find happiness in ticking off tasks, taking on new projects, side-hustles and volunteer positions left, right and centre. Eventually the #hustling catches up to us though and we crash.

So how do we avoid it? Schedule regular reviews with yourself every 3 months. Do an inventory of the projects you are taking on, the extra work you are adding in here and there and how much of your time is being 100% utilised. There is no point in taking on 5 different jobs if you can only give 10% effort to each … these are not going to add any depth to your resume or portfolio no matter how much you want them to.

Slow down and take on what you can manage, and what you can give 100% to.

4 // Find yourself a mentor. 

Studying and weaving your way through your career journey can be made a lot easier if you have someone experienced to talk to about it. These figures can come in many different forms … your uni career counsellor, an industry professional, a tutor or a connection that you reach out to on LinkedIn.

5 // Could your mindset be the enemy?

Sometimes we are own worst enemy and hit the ‘panic’ button out of fear. We forget to take things one step at a time and instead look at our huge, long list and talk ourselves into being unable to handle it. Have faith in yourself! You’ve got this.

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