Being persistent is key to SUCCESS in your career and life

An Army Black hawk helicopter passes HMAS Tarakan while carrying out operations from HMAS Kanimbla near the Cowley Beach, Queensland, during Exercise Sea Eagle '05. Deep caption More than 500 Royal Australian Navy and Army personnel are participating in the Australian Defence Force amphibious training exercise, Exercise Sea Eagle, at Cowley Beach, north of Townsville. The two week long exercise conducted from 31 October to 11 November 2005 is part of the ongoing development of ADF amphibious capability. Exercise Sea Eagle involves HMA Ships Kanimbla, Tarakan and Betano, Amphibious Task Group planning staff from the Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (Maritime) and elements from the Townsville based 2nd Royal Australian Regiment, 5th Aviation Regiment and 10 Force Support Battalion. "The exercise will focus on the planning and conduct of amphibious operations leading to a planned amphibious activity in the Cowley Beach area", said the Commander of the Australian Amphibious Task Group, Captain Ray Griggs, RAN. Exercise Sea Eagle will involve an amphibious work-up, consisting principally of embarking and disembarking troops, vehicles and equipment, and tactical insertion from ship to shore using helicopters and landing craft. The main activity during the exercise will be a simulated evacuation of Australian citizens from Cowley Beach.Royal Military College (RMC) Graduate and Adelaide local Major Genevieve (Gen) Rueger is not only a role model for young women joining the ADF, but a shining example of why being persistent is key to your success and what can be achieved if you set your mind to it.

The accomplished Army officer and helicopter pilot, who is currently a Defence Force Recruiting Officer, completed Year 12 at an Adelaide all-girls school before walking straight into the male-dominated military environment at the age of 17 to chase her dream career in the ADF. 

“I had my sights set on becoming a helicopter pilot from the outset, but I was open to other careers within Defence if that ended up not being an option for me,” Gen says.

“I strived for success in everything I did which assisted me to be competitive with my male counterparts and gain the respect of my peers.”

Gen says the reason she chose Defence over a civilian aviation career was the “unparalleled sense of adventure, challenge and excitement”.

“That adventurous lifestyle, the friendships and the people I’ve met while touring to countries around the world, and the vast array of opportunities presented to me is what has made my time in the military so special,” she says.

After graduating from the Australian Defence Force Academy, RMC and the ADF Pilot’s Course, Gen flew Blackhawk helicopters in support of ground and Special Forces and has deployed on a number of domestic and international exercises and operations, including East Timor and Afghanistan.

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Career opportunities in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are as diverse as the skills you’ll learn. With over 250 different jobs in the Navy, Army and Air Force from trades, administration, combat and security right through to engineering, medical and health you’ll be sure to find a role that’s right for you.