Are you owning your busy? Or does it own you?

When I first started at generationYOU (just over a year ago), and we created our Career Hacks Index … I was automatically “wow’ed”.

You might think that I’m just saying that. But if you’ve been part of our genYOU community for a while – actually – even if you’ve just come on board … you’ll know what I mean.

Because I looked at ALL of these articles and I thought. “Well sh*t, here is some AMAZING content.”

And I wanted it to build on it. And make it bigger. And to release 2 – 3 epic articles per week, for YOU. Content! Content! Content! Go! Go! Go!

I tried to implement it. Tried to snoop through the team’s schedule and see if we had the time. I sifted through my own schedule to see if I could write more for you.

But I couldn’t. Because my entire role doesn’t consist of writing genYOU articles (sorry)!!

And the truth is, even if I squeezed 1 absolute blow-you-out-of-the-water-with-this-no-filter-content article and one “yeah this will do” article … I wouldn’t be happy.

Because I shouldn’t be striving for ‘shoulder shrug this is okay’ work. And you shouldn’t either.

I bet you would be able to tell the difference between latter and the one absolute high-five-worthy article we serve up to you every 2 weeks.

Why? Because QUALITY work matters … it is a true reflection of YOU. And your busy directly affects this.

So let me ask you, what does YOUR busy look like?

The time and effort that you’re putting into uni assignments, job applications, club activities, sporting games, attending industry events … are they a true reflection of you and what you’re capable of?

Or are they simply for show and of low quality?

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to look A+ across ALL aspects of our lives.

*Spoiler alert* This facade is costly to your health and mindset – and let me tell you now, it’s not going to last long when you enter the workforce.

Here are some ways to ensure your busy returns a quality investment for your career + life!

1 // No you don’t get paid for your uni assignments, treat them like you do anyway.

Haha. Okay we can laugh at this point. OR. We can think about how the work doesn’t end once we graduate.

In fact. It gets harder.

The pay check helps – sure – but imagine if you had already been practicing the pressure of producing quality work while you were at uni?

Game-changer. Because NOW instead of freaking out, you can tell yourself “Hell yeah I’ve *somewhat* felt this pressure before, let’s do it!!”

Practice makes perfect my friends. And we want to make that 9 – 5 transition as smooooth as possible.

2 //  If you register for this event, are you ticking off a box, or will you be present?

Your friends and family can tell when you’re bored. So can your colleagues and a stranger you just met. They don’t have to be related to you to gauge this.

So. Before you register for an event, I want you to REALLY consider the following things:

a) Am I likely to cancel my registration for this event?

b) Will I even show up for this event?

c) If I attend this event am I going to be ALL in?

Boom. Boom. The first two reflect poorly on your personal brand (understandable if an emergency happens). And just so you know … event organisers receive notifications of who cancels/doesn’t show up … sooo we’ve clocked your name!

The last one is hard. Especially as students. We’re nervous. Trying to fit in. Trying to be ‘employable’.

Be YOU. You will enjoy networking/learning/sharing a LOT more. Be you loudly. And proudly. People remember genuine first … they remember your list of achievements last.

3 // 1 meaningful job application > 5 impersonal applications

We have talked about this A LOT at genYOU. Here. Here. Here.

It’s a big deal. Because if you haven’t caught on by now … well … recruiters and hiring managers know when you’ve copy and pasted, changed the addressee and application file name.

Again. What does this say about you if you haven’t taken the time to invest in your *potential* workplace?

It means that they shouldn’t invest in giving you a seat at the table. Harsh … but true. Because your busy SHOULD include dutiable effort in this career step.

In conclusion … 

So there you have it. 3 busy steps not to be overlooked or forgotten … or bragged about without having put quality effort into each.

I urge you to evaluate what your busy looks like … and if there’s any areas where your priorities are not being matched with quality, then maybe it’s time for a change.

And if you want to chat to me more about what your ‘busy’ looks like, I’m only an email away!