What’s the one thing you do to make networking easy?

We know the subject of networking can send shivers down a lot of your spines! And yep – we agree – it can be pretty intimidating! Which is why we went out into the wild, and asked three industry legends “What’s the one thing you do to make networking easy?” Here’s what they had to say.

Jess Hudswell, Head of Corporate Affairs, Australia, Deliveroo

“Networking is natural for some but for most people I know, including me, it can be quite intimidating at times.

The greatest advice I ever received was to have a look around the room when you get there and notice those who are standing on the edges of the space.

In studies about networking, these people are proven to be more influential and progressed in their careers, as they are not needing to be in the ‘scrum’ of the crowd. They are likely to be quite senior and have a solid network already – this means they’re not anxious to meet every single person at once.

I’ve tested this theory and it’s brought me to meet some of the most interesting people in my network. I’d highly recommend you give it a try! And offering to get someone a glass of wine always helps too!”

Alan McAlpine, Manager Careers & Employment, QUT

“What makes it easy? Not sure it is supposed to be easy. I think it is firstly recognising that it is important in the progression of your career.

Set yourself some goals and research those who you think could help. Be yourself and approach those whom you know you will get a positive response from in the first instance…. And build from there. Oh… and enjoy it (if you can), people love to help.”


Nadine Zrinzo, Co-Founder, generationYOU

“Remove the thinking from the networking equation! Sometimes we get so tired from thinking of who to network with, where to go, how to present ourselves, that we never actually get out there.

Have a plan and just rinse and repeat – consistency is more important than perfection. With that in mind, find a networking group that meets frequently and have a goal e.g. to meet 3 new people each time. Keep it simple and you will do it more often!”