#NoFilter Personal Branding.

Once you hit university you start to realise just how important building your personal brand is – your reputation online, offline and in person becomes one of the stepping stones to a successful career.

No pressure, right?

We get it. Which is why we wanted to give you some tangible advice that would help you on your way to building an epic personal brand!

So to help take the heat off, we interviewed two of our Industry Legends – Russ Vine (Cross River Rail) and Petra Zink (ImpaCCCT) – to grab all of their personal branding tips, tricks and hacks.

To give you some context – Petra is the Director of personal branding and career coaching consultancy, ImpaCCCT.

While Russ has accumulated a wealth of experience in the advertising industry, and a unique presenting style that sees him regularly invited to speak at a wide variety of events and conferences.

Read below all of their #NoFilter personal branding advice to you.

What is the one thing you do daily to grow your personal brand? 

Petra: The one thing that I do daily would be making connections, to be honest. I reach out to at least 10 people on LinkedIn every day. I always have the aim to meet at least three people throughout the week in person, that I haven’t met before.

So it’s definitely about building relationships and making connections.

What are the best tools for students and grads to build and maintain their personal brand?

Russ: The best tools to build your personal brand, I would say are:

a) Canva, or any piece of software, that helps you make your CV well-produced (not over-produced, we don’t want any starbursts, fireworks and glitter). There’s a lot of tools out there that can help you look the part and first impressions really do begin when someone hands you that resume.

b) LinkedIn. So basically your LinkedIn profile is your professional persona. So it doesn’t matter whether you’ve done 20 jobs or no jobs – have a really nice, tightly worked out LinkedIn profile. Let them (future employers) see – and I will stalk you – that you’ve liked the right kind of content, that you’re following the right groups and that you’ve got an interest in the right kind of industries.

What are the three most common personal branding mistakes? 

Petra: There are quite a few actually aren’t there (laughs).

My top three I would say are:

a) You don’t stand for anything. You don’t have a key position or you copy somebody else … and there’s no one else who would be the person you are, so in the second you are yourself, nobody can compete with it! So definitely not have a clear position, is a mistake.

b) Timing. Too many people are waiting, and starting too late. So I would say, you need to start marketing yourself when you don’t need it. When you are in a good position and you don’t act out of scarcity. When is the best time to plant the tree? Like 30 years ago. The second best time is now.

c) Consistency. So even though sometimes people are like “yes, I’m building my brand, I’m investing in myself.” Their third or fourth week in … they’ve dropped it.

So relationships are built over time, and you need consistency to build trust and get any kind of opportunity that you want to have.



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