#NoFilter Collaboration.

A key enterprise skill you will need before you enter a full-time role is collaboration. To give you a heads up on what this may look like, Lisa and Saara are giving you their #NoFilter stories on the collaboration experiences they’ve had throughout their career journeys so far! Hopefully these will give you insight into what collaboration really looks like when you enter the workforce.

Saara >>

In 2016 I was working as Public Relations Coordinator for a property development company in Brisbane. One of my KPI’s was to have 8 – 10 print articles featuring our company published, before the end of the year.

Successful PR pitches rely on many factors, some of which include – your relationship with the journalist, the strength of the story you’re pitching and how relevant your news is.

The Managing Director and I talked about pitching the sales success of our development in South East Queensland as – at the time – the popularity of SEQ property was quite a hot topic.

From our initial conversation I set to work on writing the pitch. What you will see from the process that I outline, is that although I championed the pitch – the project required input from the ENTIRE team. From accounts to sales to exec management – every department played a part in the project (and its success). A brief overview on the process:

1 // I required exact sales figures from our Sales Department.

2 // I needed to confirm the sales figures with our Accounting Department.

3 // I presented the first draft of the pitch to my Marketing Manager, who reviewed it and gave feedback.

4 // I adjusted the pitch.

5 // I gave a final draft to my Marketing Manager, who approved it.

6 // I then had a meeting with the MD who reviewed the pitch and gave feedback.

7 // I adjusted the pitch.

8 // I gave a final draft to the MD, who approved it.

9 // I sent the pitch to the journalist at The Courier Mail.

10 // The pitch was published 3 weeks later.

Although 9 out of the 10 steps above begins with the word ‘I’, hopefully you can see how the entire company is involved in the process: from sales to accounts to executive management. Regardless of which industry you end up in and your role, I guarantee that you will be involved in a similar process that will require you to collaborate with many different team members from a range of departments.

Lisa >> 

I think what is important to remember when it comes to collaboration is that it is more than just teamwork.

From a young age we are taught to work in teams – and there is absolutely no doubt that it is true that an individuals power multiplies when they work in a team.

However, I believe that when you collaborate that team effort not only multiplies but it amplifies by magnitudes.

I believe, the most powerful collaboration happens when you bring together parties that otherwise might not work together, to create something extraordinary that the individual teams might not be able to deliver in their own right.

An example close to my own heart right now is another event we are working on called Something Digital. This is an event that will be run for the 1st time in November this year.

Now let’s be clear – there is no doubt that between our current team we have the skill to run the event in our own right. We have the skills to develop, market and execute a great event.

However, from the outset Nadine and I wanted the event to be more than just great. We wanted Something Digital to be a truly collaborative event and to bring together a lot of different groups and communities in Brisbane. So we looked beyond our own team and went broader. We very specifically bought on collaborative partners to help found the event. Then we created a content curation committee to help mould and shape the content.

But that wasn’t enough so we are also involving community partners to help spread the word and become a part of the event.

Each one of those people and parties brings to the table something special and unique. An idea, a connection, a different point of view. Proving once again that no man is an island and it truly does take a tribe to make the magic happen!