Networking: Know Your Why.

This article, aptly called, Networking: Know Your Why, looks at the importance of being prepared to communicate who you are, what you do and WHY you do it. 

We know what you’re thinking – “I will have time to prepare for a networking event before I go.” Nope! Actually you can ‘network’ without being in a formal setting/event.

Let’s say you’re in a line to buy coffee and you find yourself behind the HR Manager of the company you have an interview with – do you:

a) Babble about your goals and aspirations for the next 3 minutes?

b) Want to have a succinct and accurate 1 minute self-pitch ready to go?

We guarantee you the latter is going to help you score a second interview. So how can we ensure we’re prepared to communicate who we are, what we do & why we do it?

Three ways to help you do this:

One //Sit down and write a basic outline of professional YOU. Why did you choose the degree you are studying/have studied? How does your degree allow you to do something your passionate about?


For example, I chose to study Media & Communications because it allowed me to be able to pick from a range of different job roles that I was interested in i.e. a journalist, editor, publicist, marketer. I am passionate about writing, and my degree lets me choose a job where I get to write every day!


Two //Now write 3 things in your industry that excite you. For example, I work in Marketing. 3 things that excite me about my industry are: community growth, audience engagement and adaptability to digital platforms. This list is important because passionate people are irresistible.


Three //Now for the why. This answer will be totally unique to you. Think about your values and how your dream job aligns with these. Remember we’re aiming for work-life rhythm – the two need to co-exist.


For example, I want to live a life where the relationships I build are genuine and valuable. Marketing gives me the opportunity to reach out and build a connection with an audience. My current job role allows me to help my audience grow confidence within themselves and expand their skillset (hello value)!


It’s important to review this list as you see fit. Maybe you’re at the point of graduating and this will help ground you for your job search or maybe you are comfortable with where you are now and this isn’t quite necessary – considering pencilling in a date to #ReviewYou in the next 6 months.


Knowing why you’re aiming for a particular career path and being prepared to communicate this will make you feel more comfortable when you’re asked by anyone, at any time!