7 awesome tips for networking at events

Blah. Learning how to network at events is hard right?

You know you need to do it but are not sure how or why or who. You are comfortable in social situations, but when it comes to strangers, even small talk is tough!

I was having a chat with Jason Cross – an entrepreneur – who coincidentally ran the Networking session at one of our past generationYOU Live Events. He is an awesome connector and has tonnes of great tips to help you. Here are a few points from our chat:

1 // Networking is NOT a particular action done at a particular time. It’s all about meeting new people and growing your contacts; a social exercise which you have been doing since the first day of school.

2 // Everyone is a contact and helpful on your journey, irrespective on whether they are family, friends, colleagues or random people you have collected along the way. Career connections don’t only come from work situations.

3 // The aim of increasing your contacts is to help others and become a connector. This will help you indirectly. You need to give before receiving.

4 // GENUINE relationships take time, investment and effort. Just sharing a business card or following on LinkedIn isn’t enough. You need to listen and add value.

5 // Following up and keeping in touch is very undervalued.

6 // Australia is a small country and so are our cities. Once you start building your network you will find yourself linked to many more people than you actually think!

7 // Even extroverts get nervous at networking events. Strangers are normally appreciative when you approach them and start a conversation.

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