5 things you’re doing that make you more employable

Have you ever read a job ad for an entry-level role, and just thought, ‘WTH’. I have.

Skimming through the description, this ‘entry-level’ job states that you need to have ‘at least 2 years experience in a similar position to be considered.’ Umm, where is the logic in that Mr Hiring Director?

As tough as the job market already is, for millennials, it’s even tougher. Trying to find a job these days is like trying to look for a needle in a haystack. Except there is no needle, and the haystack is on fire. But the thing is – you still need to find said needle. So how are you going to look for it if you don’t even know what a needle looks like in the first place?

As prickly as this analogy is, what I’m trying to say is that there is a way to get the job you really want without necessarily having the experience to back it up. I did it. So I’m 100% sure that you can do it too. You just have to capitalise on the skills you already have and find a way to customise and complement this to the role/s you’re applying for.

Here are the things you’re already doing that make you more employable than you thought:

1 // The way you interact

One of the main qualities we have over other generations is that we can communicate through different mediums … and I’m not just talking about our ability to press numbers on a phone or send emails. Millennials are constantly changing language by tapping into different mediums and ways of expression without even having to talk! From producing easy-to-watch video content to the rise of the emojis – we have many different ways of getting our message across, and have traditional communication skills in our toolkit as well. Our personal brand is our hashtag – that is something we should all celebrate!

2 // The way you see 

Being exposed in a highly-curated and fast-paced environment means that we’ve destroyed tunnel vision and allowed ourselves to really see the world with #nofilter. Millennials have embraced travel and experience over settling on a conventional life. This makes us highly employable because we have embraced different experiences (which can be considered as a risk), and can generate fresh ideas based on the fact that we haven’t set our foot in one place. Tip: Finding it hard to look for opportunities? Start by creating opportunities for yourself – you have so many resources that are right at your fingertips!

3 // The way you listen 

Aside from having ideas about everything, we also know when to just chill and listen. Whilst this may be considered as a bit of a ‘non-skill’ or something that everyone already knows how to do – there are some who haven’t quite learned how to apply this into their day-to-day life. We are the most educated generation there has ever been because of our passion to acquire knowledge and keep moving forward. This means that we have become extremely selective and good at deciding what type of content we consider as useful, and the type of information we can’t wait to delete. What you take in and what you take out can ultimately affect how you grow and develop.

4 // The way you move

Ah, sorry to break it to you guys, but I’m not talking about how we light up the dance floor on a Saturday night – we’ll talk about that another time!

Versatility. Moving high. Moving low. Side to side. Front to back. With all this knowledge comes power, and living in such a fast-paced environment has allowed us to adapt to many different situations with ease.

Want to move from hospitality to an office environment? Of course you can! A job in the hospitality industry is high-pressure because it exposes you to a range of different personalities on a daily basis in order to provide quality service. This makes your skills highly transferable in an office environment where you’d have to deal with a range of clients and stakeholders. Use the skills that are already in your toolkit to get yourself to the next phase of your career!

Lastly, the way you feel are traits that employers everywhere are looking for. Your inquisitiveness and energy can ignite those around you, so keep interacting, keep seeing, keep listening and keep moving.