Job hunting? 21 places to look for opportunities.

From the obvious … to the obscure, sometimes the trickiest part of hunting for a job – is knowing where to start. We put our collective heads together at genYOU HQ, and have come up with a list to help you get started!

1 //

Definitely the biggest one in Australia at the moment, if you are hunting for a job, it is worth watching Seek. Make sure you take the time to set up your profile and alerts so that you are getting regular updates on new job postings.

2 + 3 + 4 //,,

Although not as heavily used as, these  job listing platforms are all still major players and all have a worthwhile amount of jobs listed. In some cases, employers may choose to list on a few sites – as algorithms can function differently – and as much as you are hoping to find a job, employers also want to ensure their job is found.

5 // Major University ‘career hubs’

Did you know that employers can list jobs on your Universities’ own ‘career hub’? A lot of jobs pass through these hubs! It’s a great place to hunt because a partial filter has already been done for you … employers would not advertise on there if they were not interested in students or graduates!

6 // Company websites and social media pages

Madly keen on a certain company? Take the time to regularly monitor their company website and social media accounts. Chances are if they have a new opening they will list it in these places!

7 //

This is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into the workforce. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in over 1,700 locations across Australia.

8 // State Government job sites

If you’re keen to work for the Government, check out the job site for your State Government. Each state has their own website and they will list all the opportunities currently available.

9 // GradConnection

GradConnection is a free platform that lets you choose exactly what industry opportunities you want to hear about, and delivers them straight to your inbox. You can research the companies on the site, talk to other graduates in the forums, and be found by employers viewing your GradConnection student profile.

10 // LinkedIn

There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Not only does it have a formal job advertising process built into it, but if people have an opening or role they will often share it on this platform. So it pays to be an active LinkedIn member, be a part of relevant industry groups and generally keeping your eyes and ears open.

11 + 12 + 13 // and industry specific job hunting sites

There are a bucketload of industry specific job hunting sites out there, and the good folk at Canstar have very kindly complied a list for you. From engineering to nursing and defence job to teaching opportunities, this is definitely a list worth going through.

14 // Recruiting websites

Although most recruiters will also advertise their opportunities on various job sites, many will also put them on their own websites. If you have managed to forge a relationship with a recruiter, it’s worth keeping an eye on these sites.

15 // and similar sites

If you aren’t looking for a permanent job and want to go down the freelancing route, there is no better place to start than In their own words: they are the World’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, connecting over 25,990,306 employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions, and territories.

16 // Airtasker, OneShift and other such sites

Maybe you’re not ready to commit to an entire project. Maybe you are just looking for a quick shift and a bit of cash. That’s where these sites come into play!

17 // Industry news

This one takes a bit more thinking and detective work, but industry news can be a great place to tip you off on new projects and companies that are doing well, from there can potentially explore any opportunities that they might have.

18 // Networking groups

There are many networking groups out there and in most cases a key goal of these groups is to connect people with opportunities – which includes jobs!

19 // Facebook groups for jobs

Everyone loves Facebook and here’s another reason – jobs! Although Facebook doesn’t not have any formal job listing capability (yet!) there are tons of self-managed groups where individuals share different job openings. This may not be ideal for a grad job, but sometimes you just need a job and step 1 is knowing there is a job to apply for!

20 // Newspapers

RETRO ALERT! Who reads actual newspapers any more? Whilst most of the papers online job boards actually link to career one – people still do advertise jobs in the paper. Although we’re not putting too much emphasis on this channel, it would be a fail if we didn’t at least include it.

21 // Ask around

Use your network and let people know that you are looking for a job! They might not have an instant answer for you, but you never know how dots are connected and someone might just come back to you with an opportunity that they heard about.