Job application tips, tricks and hacks.

Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role – securing a job always starts with the application.

Following on from our epic and very 1st genYOU Inspire session for 2019 on April 10 “Mastering job applications”, we’ve put together the key tips, tricks and hacks from our legendary speakers to help you write your very best job application yet!

1 // What to include in your Cover Letter

Karen Whiteford, SEEK

> Show genuine enthusiasm and excitement for the role
> Address requirements of the role in bullet points
> No longer than 1 page
> Contact Details: Suburb, email, phone number

Simon Gibson, Rio Tinto

> Make it more conversational than your resume.
> Address to the hiring person if you know their details – if not just reference the position and company.
> Research on role/team/company and ability to display ‘fit’.
> Don’t be afraid to show your personality!

2 // What to include in your CV

Karen Whiteford, SEEK

> Clean not cluttered
> Elevator Pitch
> Education & Experience
> Transferrable Skills
> Achievements
> Contact Details

Simon Gibson, Rio Tinto

> Clear and easy to read – don’t make me search for key details!
> Logical/sequential order
> Leave out the unnecessary stuff (photo, marital status, religion, DOB)
> Referee’s not needed, just say they can be available upon request

3 // Common Mistakes

Karen Whiteford, SEEK

> Sent to incorrect person/company
> Too many buzz words
> Spelling/Grammar
> Dishonesty
> Addressing requirements for a different job

Simon Gibson, Rio Tinto

> Not attaching what was asked (transcript, CV, working rights etc)
> Failing to provide enough detail (or too much)
> Not treating online assessments as a serious part of the process
> Not actually mentioning the company or position anywhere in your application


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