How to inject personality into your cover letter whilst still being professional.

There’s a lot of pressure riding on your cover letter.  How do you fit in all the necessary information about yourself? Which key points in the job advertisement do you address? How do you stand out from the tonnes of other applications? And often one of the most confusing ones … how do you inject personality into your cover letter, while still being professional?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss three ways you can inject personality in your cover letter while still being professional!

1 // Mirror the company style


This one is all about detail, and is pretty straight-forward. Jump onto the Company’s website that you’re applying for and pay attention to the information they include. Are there any reoccuring words they use to describe themselves and the services they provide? Is there a catch phrase quote that they use as a headline? Try and use this in your cover letter and relate it back to yourself.


Sneaky Tip! This is most effective when done subtly. Check out the “Who we are” on the genYOU site and take note on how each of our bio’s finishes. We have had a few candidates apply for genYOU roles who have not only noticed this but created their own line in their cover letter. Not only are they showing us that they went through the site properly, they are having a bit of fun with it too!

2 // Add your own flair


We all have our own styles of writing, our own humour and our own little quirks that make us unique. Companies don’t want to see that you are just a carbon copy of the same graduate whose application they read before yours. Keep your application in line with your personality – don’t cut it down to the point where it reads bland and dull!


Sneaky Tip! Being professional doesn’t mean you can’t have personality. In the marketing world we call this being authentic … you can read about that herehereand here. And whilst you might not be marketing a product, when it comes to recruitment you are very definitely marketing yourself!!!

3 // Tailor the tone of your cover letter to your industry and the job role itself.


Generally speaking, you can get a pretty good idea of the tone your cover letter should convey from the job advertisement. Don’t just read the words, but also take the time to read between the lines. Consider whether the company you’re applying for is government, large corporate or small business. Are you applying for the creative guru role or are you more of a legal eagle.


Beyond the company style and culture you also need to consider the role at hand. Regardless of industry, a creative role might lend itself to more creative flair in the cover letter, yet if you are applying for a legal or accounting role, you probably need to consider that even in a creative company they might want to see a different level of professionalism in such roles.

Sneaky Tip! Whilst adding personality and flair is super important, if you are in doubt, play it safe an err on the side of professionalism. If you ever read back your cover letter and think you have gone too far … trust your gut … it’s probably right.