The importance of not following advice

Everyone has an opinion! From small things like the t-shirt you’re wearing through to huge life decisions – people LOVE to give you advice. In fact chances are your Mum, Dad, BFF, significant other, barista in the coffee shop and even your 5-year-old cousin will have an opinion that they are super enthusiastic to share with you.

You know they mean well. They just want to help. And you don’t want to offend them by not taking their advice.

But consider this: maybe it is more important not to follow their advice.

Crazy? Perhaps. But check out the 4 key reasons why I think you should stand on your own two feet.

1 // Everyone has an opinion. Not everyone is qualified to offer advice.

No doubt your BFF means well when giving you advice on how to apply for that dream graduate role, but if you are a lawyer and she is a dentist – you need to consider that her perspective and understanding of your industry may be considerably different to yours.

2 // Only you know your full story.

Sure it makes sense to do that totally perfect summer internship that will look great on your CV – after all you are heading into your final year so your CV needs to look as good as possible. But maybe your roommate doesn’t know that you have always dreamed of trekking across South America before you turn 25 and this is an ideal time to take a summer off; if you go straight into work after you graduate you know you won’t easily be able to take 6 weeks off to travel.

Only you know your full picture.

3 // Sometimes the advice gets so loud it drowns out your own voice.

Have you ever noticed how many well-meaning people there are out there offering up advice? Mention your trip to South America and suddenly anyone who has ever heard of Brazil is an expert. Before you know it you are inundated with places you have to go and where you should and shouldn’t stay, and why Colombia is actually a much better choice than Chile.

Sure – you can listen to what people have to say (they might have some good tips), but don’t let their advice drown out your own thoughts and opinions. If you really want to go to Chile, it doesn’t matter if Nan didn’t like it when she was there in 1982. Go to Chile!

4// Things change.

Just because something is not right for you today doesn’t mean you cannot revisit in a year or so. The world keeps moving, trends change, that perfect graphical CV that was on point 12 months ago is now dated and needs to be re-designed.

It’s okay to change you’re opinion and mind – actually – I’d argue it’s essential as you grow – otherwise we would all still be wearing overalls and hyper colour t-shirts.