How to identify your double or triple threat!

Life advice comes at us from different directions. I like to think that if we are open we will hear the right thing at the right time whether it is from a friend, Facebook post, article or just an ‘aha’ moment.

Over the holidays I started reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Tim is well known for the ‘4 Hour Workweek’ and the ‘4 Hour Body’ and for his podcasts during which he interviews tonnes of well-known people in all kinds of fields. If you want to learn how to hack your way to success whether it’s at work, health or your personal life then I cannot recommend the book enough – its a good summary of all his previous projects.

What’s your triple threat?

One of the people interviewed in the book is Scott Adams who is best known for his comic Dilbert and his book ‘The Dilbert Principle’. Scott wrote a piece on his blog aptly called ‘career advice’ – nice and simple!

In it he talks about the ‘double or triple threat’ which simply put means that to be extraordinary you need to combine 2-3 skills which you feel you can perform better than 75% of other people. So in his case, Scott can draw (better than most people) and is funnier (than most people) plus he has a good business background which ties it altogether into a neat career as a comic/writer.

He also adds in some specific advice for young people… have a read through the post on Scott Blog (3-minute read) and when you are done, let us know what 2-3 skills you think you can perform better than others!