Hustle and bustle the future of work

How many times do we hear “what you learn today will be obsolete in x years” when it comes to the future of work?

Isn’t that the most annoying sentence ever? Like my brain is thinking “then why am I here when I could be binge watching Friends back back?”

I read an article today about the unaligned world of uni vs work. The author, who was on a raging rant (for good reason!) was expressing their frustration about how the stuff we learn in our degree is the same, old, irrelevant crap bound up in multiple courses, each with a new fancy title. And that the stuff we really need to know for work is never. Ever. Taught. In class. Yay!

Furthermore – the future of work – and pretty much the entire future of everything is changing so rapidly that what may have been somewhat relevant in our first year is old news by the time we get to throw our grad hats in the air.

So, what are we doing in higher education? Are we wasting our time?

The thing is no. Technically not. We still need the higher education. It is important, and without it you will not pass GO and you will not collect $200.

Well, what are we to do, you ask?

The answer? Hustle the hell out of your side projects!

Chances are the things you enjoy and love spending time on are teaching you skills that you can you use in your career!

Think about it. If you love making YouTube videos, then what a perfect way to sharpen up your marketing, filming and editing skills (P.S video marketing is the future!).

Or, you’re the go-to person for organising your friends major annual event. Perfect for polishing up on some event management skills.

Actually, what tickles your fancy is designing and building your new project in the shed. Did I just hear engineering and mechanical skills bootcamp?

The point is these side projects help us to learn and develop skills that we can draw on in the future. Plus, they also give us a range of examples and portfolios that we can talk about in job interviews or at networking events.

But wait. What if you haven’t got a side hustle just yet? No stress – let me tell you it took me until my third year at uni to really pick up my game, be inspired and be motivated to actually go out and do more.

However, if you’re sitting here thinking I haven’t got three years to wait – google Gary Vee ‘Patience’) and take a step back.

1 // Stop focusing on the side hustle and start focussing on what it is that you love doing.

2 // Research people that inspire you and ask about their journey.

3 // Connect with like-minded people and chat with them over a coffee.

4 // Attend skills workshops and motivational talks by people who inspire you.

5 // Get to your local generationYOU event.

Before you know it, you will unlock your interests and passions. You will find yourself coming up with great ideas. And you will be on your way to hustling the hell out of an inspiring project!

Overall, have fun, learn and develop. Work on your interests and unleash your potential. The future of work is always changing and developing, and so too can you.