How to avoid the struggle, when nothing is compulsory…

*buzz, buzz* – It’s that brutally early alarm reminding you that you have a lecture this morning. “It’s not compulsory” you think, as you justify snoozing it for the third time, convincing yourself that you will watch it online later… but come on, let’s not lie to ourselves.

As you would already know – once you leave high school – study is no longer *compulsory*.

Meaning it’s up to YOU.

It is so easy to become complacent and stop checking in on yourself – realising just how comfortable your pillow actually is and reinstating your dislike for any time before 11am. As I’ve discovered, however, this is a dangerous habit and attitude to get into and it is important to realise that the ownership of our future careers is in our own hands.

Not to sound daunting or anything…but uni is full of stepping stones and, while skipping one stone might be easy (like missing a simple lecture), two or three becomes very difficult and suddenly you’ve rolled an ankle or broken an arm…metaphorically *please let that be metaphorically*

Anyway, I think we can all agree that there is nothing worse than that dreadful feeling of falling behind and, when people around you are achieving, you should want to as well.

Recently, I was completely stuck on one of my assignments and, instead of struggling, I decided to be brave during my lecture and ask the stranger next to me how they were tackling it. Now, with what I thought was going to be the most awkward encounter of my life behind me, I walked away with a comprehensive plan and all it took was a friendly hello, a normal conversation and a ten-minute toilet break.

It’s definitely proven to me that uni is actually a highly motivational environment, as long as you manage to make it onto campus.

So, how do you avoid that cheeky little voice telling you to roll over and go back to bed?

Here are my 5 simple tips:

1 // Set an even earlier alarm. *gasp*

Don’t be stressed by running late to class. Stroll through campus, grab a coffee on the way and have a moment to breathe before you enter the room. If you’re still half asleep when you arrive, you will just despise it even more.

2 // Put your phone down during class.

Just like you weren’t allowed your phone in school (and you probably won’t have it during any of your important career moments), force yourself to put it down during lectures. What is the point of sitting there for 2 hours if you don’t actually learn anything?

3 // Strike up a conversation with the person next to you, or at least say hello.

Everyone is going through the same thing as you and you never know, one day they might be your biggest client or be on the panel for the job you want.

4 // Remind yourself that you’re actually at uni because you want to be there.

It may be your future endeavours, or it may teach you that another career is calling – either way it is a learning curve and, who knows, you might actually enjoy yourself!

5 // And if you’re going to ignore all of this …

At least try and make it to your tutorials!