Help! I’m stuck in a personal branding rut.

Here’s the thing about building a personal brand. When you first decide you’re going to give yourself a professional makeover by going to ALL the events; connecting with ALL the right people; writing new articles for a blog EVERY week; cleaning up your social media (and maybe even joining NEW platforms) … it can be quite exciting, right!?

And then it can get tiring.

Because it’s a hell of a lot of work. And if you don’t know your career goals or have a general idea of where your passion lies … working on your personal brand is just another extra-curricular activity that you’re a) going to get bored of and b) start to resent.

So how can you break out of a personal branding rut? And potentially save yourself from *gasp* personal branding burnout.

1 // Where do your personal brand fit into your career game plan? 

You’re going to have a tough time attending events where you’ll be chatting to peers and maybe even future colleagues … if you have no idea why you’re even there to begin with.

If you have a general idea of what industry you would like to eventually be in, or even a job role, this will help shape what events you attend, who you seek out at those events, and what your online profiles say about you (which leads us into the next point).

2 // Aim for consistency and alignment. 

It’s all good and well to feel like you’re not being active enough on your social media profiles (especially when you’re flooded with everyone else’s content 24/7).

But don’t run the risk of sharing anything and everything too quickly!

Pay attention to what type of content you’re posting and whether it aligns with your professional or personal image. Sure, the two don’t always have to be completely separate, but having a clear understanding of what will add value to your personal brand, rather than detract, is 100% going to help keep your personal brand consistent, clear and easy to manage!

3 // You’re ONLY working on your online brand. 

If you’ve been plodding along, growing and nurturing your personal brand solely online … well, it’s no wonder you feel stuck in a rut!

The main value people get out of a strong personal brand is ultimately making connections with others. Yep, you can definitely connect with people online BUT you will also find value in face-to-face meetings and engagements.

4 // You’ve NEGLECTED your online brand. 

Keeping all of the various online versions of yourself in check, can be tedious, we know. But letting them go into a dry period can be damaging in its own way!

Potential opportunities may fall to the wayside because they came sniffing … and you weren’t looking alive (figuratively)!

Create realistic goals for updates, that motivates you to have some epic content to post wen the time comes!

5 // Take a break from making it all about you. 

Yep, you heard me. There’s a sneaky factor you should be including in your personal brand strategy. Have you been engaging with your network? Have you been inviting them to events or attending events you’ve been invited to? Have you touched based with your close industry contacts to see if you could add value to any projects they are currently working on?

All of these things reflect upon your personal brand … and pretty much all of them include someone else! Ironic isn’t it!? In our last Career Hacks we spoke about #Networking, add it to your reading list!