Graduating soon? 5 hacks to keep the doors opening

You’ve heard multiple times that you should just say YES. Your best friend’s Facebook feed is always full of exciting experiences they participated in. Your lecturer just told you that your degree alone won’t cut it anymore. You know you need to do more.

Now you’re sitting here, post-graduation (or pretty close to it) thinking what the hell am I doing with my life? What am I going to do with a $40K HECS debt?!

Don’t worry. I know the feeling. Two years ago, I was in the same position and panicking. There was no way I was going to commit 4-5 years of my life and $40, 000 to not be successful. But listening to what I was being told- that was where I was heading. I needed to act ASAP.

Fast forward to now, and I have been involved in multiple things including a community engagement program, an internship, networking nights, holding two executive positions at a University Society, volunteering opportunities and training programs amongst other things.

But how did I go from a standard degree to opportunities galore? Check out my five hacks to get the ball rolling and the doors opening.

One // Keep your eyes peeled and your ears pricked

Being a student, apprentice or young person in the 21st Century means that there are countless opportunities on offer for us. However, these opportunities aren’t always visible. Make sure you keep up to date with what is on offer by doing a conscious search of what is happening in your local community, workplace or university.

Two // Make the most out of social media

Have you ever noticed how many businesses, communities and organisations have social media? Most of these pages post information about upcoming volunteering opportunities and events that you can become involved with. Turn that aimless scrolling into productive searching and like some organisation pages that spark your interest and develop your skills.

Three // Work your network

Your network is a valuable tool for more than just coffee catch-ups. That friend with the envy-worthy work experience, your classmate who went on exchange, a past boss or work colleague can often help you in many ways – you just need to ask. Chances are they will be able to get your foot in the door for that next-level internship or pitch you to the employee from organisation: goals.


If you want to excel, but you’re not sure how, just say yes! Volunteer at the local sporting ground, apply for that internship, join that language class or ask your career idol to be your mentor. Whatever it may be, just get started. Because once you do, you’ll be surprised at how many new opportunities that come knocking on your door.

Five // Become part of the generationYOU Community

generationYOU is a Community where you get the rare opportunity to learn from and interact with local legends. With weekly career ‘hacks’, live events and even a digital program, generationYOU gives you the chance to grow, hustle and gain important life skills and career knowledge.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. // Mark Twain