How to get your cover letter noticed

As a business owner, I have spent a fair bit of time looking at applicants’ cover letters. Each submission reminded me of a different something I want to talk about – points that will help your cover letter noticed… for the right reasons.

However, the thing that has stood out to me most, is the importance of personality and authenticity. The cover letters that grabbed me in an instant were not the ones that screamed technical competency (though that is important).

A cover letter that gave me insight into who the applicant is appealed to me as an employer. I found myself thinking, “Hey, I’d like to meet this person.”

So my #genYOUTip to you is:

When looking for a job, don’t refine your cover letter so much that you strip out all personality.

Ensuring your application shows a bit of who you are as a person may just be the key to getting that all important interview.