genYOU Story No. 34 – Diana Tantaeva

genYOU Story No. 34 features final year Kaplan Business School student Diana Tantaeva. Diana is a familiar face in our community as she regularly attends our generationYOU events! So we reached out to Diana to chat to her more about her career journey so far … and what she is planning for her future!

Name: Diana Tantaeva 
Current Role: Bachelor of Business Student at Kaplan Business School and Accounting Intern.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are headed in your career right now?

My name is Diana and I’m from sunny Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan. Currently I am in my last year of studies doing Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting at Kaplan Business School.

After the first semester of uni, I decided to make the most out of this amazing journey and I try to be involved in every extracurricular and volunteering activity on and outside the campus. To be honest, it is definitely paying off! The combination of technical skills obtained in classrooms and soft skills gained during participation in various events contribute to my personal and professional growth.

Also, I just started working as an Accounting intern as part of the academic internship and it’s super exciting because I can apply my knowledge at work and immerse in the real working environment.

How has or how is generationYOU helping you achieve your goals?

I remember my first genYOU event that I attended almost 2 years ago, namely ‘Learn how to network like a pro’ (genYOU Inspire). That one was exactly what I needed as I was aware of the important of the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” in theory, but couldn’t play that game myself.

After the event, my confidence has definitely boosted thanks to the guest speakers who shared their amazing tips and tricks, and thanks to the short networking games which are an integral part of all generationYOU events.

Since then, I haven’t missed a single event and I absorb all the information I receive, grow my LinkedIn network and always meet remarkable like-minded people.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

To be honest, I can get inspired and motivated quite fast and randomly, because I believe in the uniqueness of each person; therefore, anyone who I meet on the way, can teach me something by sharing their exceptional story.

However, undoubtedly, my parents are my highest inspiration because thanks to them I am where I am, doing what I enjoy; because they believed in me and allowed their only daughter to move to another country to pursue her dreams.

What is the one piece of advice you would love to share with your millennial peers as you reflect on your own journey?

Say YES to more opportunities and don’t ever think that “it’s too late”. It’s never late to change career, it’s never late to immerse in a completely new environment and start learning things from scratch.

Also, I know some people worry, for example, that they work in a field not related to the degree they study at the moment; my dears, you will still be able to use knowledge gained everywhere and the skills are transferrable. Be proud of yourself and focus only on positive things, it’s proven that positive thoughts generate positive outcomes.