genYOU Story 03 – Melanie

Young, driven, and passionate are just some of the things you can call Melanie Duffy. Hailing all the way from the beautiful city of Adelaide, her genYOU story is something that resonates with anyone who is on a journey to unleashing their potential.

Name: Melanie Duffy
City: Adelaide
Current role: Working two jobs, studying full time and currently completing an internship in the marketing department of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Yep, she’s a machine!

How did you get involved with generationYOU and how did you find this experience?

I found out about generationYOU and the Bright Conferences team from my university. I, like many other university students have had the following scenario drilled into my head… you need experience to get experience.

So there I was, scouring the careers hub page for something, anything. Then I came across generationYOU. But it wasn’t just any old work experience; generationYOU was way more than that. The whole conference was dedicated to helping people exactly in my position, teaching us the skills and tips to help us navigate the forever changing work force. It was exactly what I needed, and more.

Luckily for me it didn’t come down to that and I was asked to be a part of the generationYOU team. The experience was amazing. It was eye opening, it was inspirational and it gave me practical ideas on how I can reach my goals (not just a seemingly unattainable dream). The only thing slightly disappointing was Adelaide only had one event!

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are headed in your career right now?

So I’m a bit of an interesting mix…

I actually study Psychology majoring in Marketing. Some find this a bit left field, but if you think about it, they actually work really well together. It’s about knowing why people react, perceive and interpret the way they do. How they create and break stereotypes, and how we as marketers can use this information to create effective marketing.

generationYOU was my first dabble in the work force related to my hopeful career. After finishing with generationYOU I had a craving to stay in the world of marketing and am now fortunate enough to be completing an Internship at a theatre in their marketing department for the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017.  It’s not all work though, I love travelling the world, meeting new people and experiencing everything the world has to offer.

Where will marketing take me once I graduate in 2017? I have no idea.

I am interested in the power of social media marketing and am always looking at the latest and innovative marketing ideas. I am so young though, and have so much more to experience! You never know until you try, so for now, I am trying to learn as much as possible in as many areas as I can.

What inspired you to do what you are doing now?

Honestly, it was a lecturer.

Second year into my degree and I didn’t really know what I wanted. Was I going to major in management because I like leading and mentoring people, or marketing, or just stick to psychology?

Then came along this lecturer. He was like no other I had ever had. He didn’t just read off slides and tell us theories. He showed us what it looked like in real life, he applied every piece of knowledge to a real life situation, he shared his own experiences and he spoke with passion.

I got to see not what marketing looked like on paper, but what it looked like in the real world. From that, my love grew.

What is the one advice you would give millennials?

Too many times I’ve heard our generation reported as lazy, uninspired and going nowhere.

I call Bull$***.

We can change the world, we can do whatever we want, and we have the ability to change our minds 100 times over. Remember though, we are the most educated generation yet, so you have to find the thing that sets YOU apart! What’s your niche; what’s your thing; what’s the reason you’re irreplaceable.