genYOU Story 37 – Ellyse Sainty

Our genYOU Story No. 37 features Ellyse Sainty! Ellyse joined our team mid-year as an intern … and brought into the office a fireball of energy and enthusiasm that is unparalleled to anyone we know! We’ve enjoyed having Ellyse as part of our extended team, and can’t wait to continue watching her kick her #careergoals.

Name: Ellyse Sainty
Current Role: Final year marketing & management student at QUT and Bright Humans intern.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are headed in your career right now?

After what feels like a lifetime I am currently in the final semester of a Business, marketing and management degree at QUT. As such I am in the process of preparing myself the best I can for the looming job hunt and loss of university comforts such as 10am starts and student discounts.

For me, this has meant renewing my student ID at the last moment possible and starting an internship with Bright humans; an events and marketing company. Through this I hope to build experience and lessen the blow of all the things I am only now realising university didn’t teach me, despite feeling like I paid for it.

How has or how is generationYOU helping you achieve your goals?

The first generationYOU resource that I accessed was an article titled “Your graduation date is not a hard deadline for you to ‘get your life together’.” To be completely honest, this was originally a ploy to impress the author who doubled as the hiring manager for an intern position.

So to be frank, generationYOU is partially responsible for my holding said internship. I must however admit that I find myself revisiting the article. In the midst of study and trying to complete an impossible list of things to get career ready, I am reminded to maintain perspective and give myself a little credit for all the goals I am kicking – which turns out to be way more productive  than the regular recreational crying I engaged in previously.

Whilst you are seemingly surrounded by people in the same situation at university, it doesn’t mean they’re always approachable. generationYOU provides a community of like-minded people interested in building their careers. I only wish I could have selected group assignment members from this pool of people instead of exclusively those who I can only assume dropped out directly after not contributing to the assessment.

The events such as the most recent “Manage your career like a boss” put you all in a room together (with bagels), encouraging those networking conversations we generally find ourselves avoiding.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is easily my family; they are my main support system and my best friends. Yeah, I spend a weird amount of time with my family, but maybe you’re being weird and should call your Mum… But let’s talk about how great my Mum is in the mean time. With my father working away most of our lives as a commercial fisherman she raised four children and managed our family businesses. Talk about a gosh darn super hero.

Meanwhile, my brothers taught me how to ride a bike, add negative numbers and get a ute sideways around a corner – all very important lessons. Aside from being all round top blokes, they have mega impressive career journeys. Their hard work, determination and that of  my parents will always inspire me to strive for things I may not have thought were possible, especially in my career.

What is the one piece of advice you would love to share with your millennial peers as you reflect on your own journey?

Don’t get stuck focusing on the end goal – maintain perspective! I made my time at uni increasingly difficult by pressuring myself to figure out what job it was that I was working toward.

After having it drilled into us in grade 12 and then having the question of what you want to do after your degree posed to you every 5 seconds, can you blame me? Whilst goal setting is important, there will always be unforeseen setbacks. Don’t waste your time beating yourself up for not knowing quite what you want and keep working toward what you do know you want.