genYOU Story 18 – Arunima

Recently graduating from The University of Adelaide, Arunima Kumar says generationYOU made her more motivated and determined to show her worth!

Name: Arunima Kumar
City: Adelaide
Current Role: Graduate Accountant, Nexia Edwards Marshall

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you are headed in your career right now?

I just graduated with a Bachelor of Finance  from the University of Adelaide. I am currently working as a Graduate Accountant in Assurance Services in a firm called Nexia Edwards Marshall in Adelaide … this is where I was hoping to start from and I must add that this was not an easy path.


I started off as a volunteer for Red Cross and I believe that experience opened up more opportunities for me – trust me guys, if you do not get paid work experience, always get into volunteering. Volunteering is one of the most significant experiences that counts, because it shows you are willing to put in that effort without expecting anything in return.


How has or how is generationYOU helping you achieve your goals?

generationYOU came at a time when I was feeling slightly disheartened with all the job rejections I was getting.

After hearing the motivational speakers there, I realised that it was not going to be a piece of cake. I thank generationYOU for making me face the harsh reality of this! I came out of my generationYOU experience more motivated and determined to show my worth.

I have – since then – improved my LinkedIn profile, gone for more networking events, reached out to a lot of networks and right now, I feel like I have reached a better place than I was in a few months ago.

generationYOU is a must for all students – you not only get a chance to refine yourself, you also get the chance to make more friends.

I got the opportunity to bond with a couple of like-minded people and we are good friends now!

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration is my brother. I have seen him struggle and struggle, but his spirit has never broken.

He always knew he had it in him to reach where he wants  … he had to do millions of odd jobs until his hard work paid off.

He is the one who taught me how to be patient! Whenever I show any indication that I am too tired and want to give up, he knocks sense back into me and reminds be that I am a star and I just need to find the opportunity to shine!

I can never thank him enough for giving me the motivation I need.

What is the one piece of advice you would love to share with your millennial peers as you reflect on your own journey?

Do not give up! You will face many rejections; more rejections than you can imagine – but it will be worth it! It’s just a hurdle to reach where you aim to be! Like they say … it can never be too easy, can it?

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