An Intern’s perspective on generationYOU Brisbane 2018

As I am interning for Bright Conferences (the company who has created and runs generationYOU), I was lucky enough to attend my first generationYOU event in Brisbane. Being that I had not been to a genYOU event before, I was uncertain what I could expect from the day but I knew I was in for a unmissable experience and boy, was I right.

What Did I Expect?

Heading into the event, I was excited to see what the atmosphere and tone of the room was going to be. Knowing that is was mainly students attending, I expected that the atmosphere would feel inviting with attendees feeling eager to meet and network around the room. I was happy to find that this was certainly the case and the room immediately felt welcoming to any first timer.

I have always been more of a active learner rather than an auditory learner so I expected that I would have to focus on engaging with the event more than other attendees would, however, genYOU quickly proved me wrong. The incredible speakers, or local legends, made it impossible to stop listening. Not only were their stories engaging and interesting, the topics that were discussed were extremely relevant to me, being in my final year of university. I think I can easily say that I wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did in one day and that made the one-day event invaluable to attendees.

What Did I Learn?

It would be extremely hard to leave the genYOU event and say that you didn’t learn anything. From the speakers of such high calibre to the diverse selection of peers that attended, the day was full of opportunities to learn and develop with the people around you.

The main point that I took away from the day was how easy it is to network and find mentors when you are being authentic and letting your passion speak for itself. Personally, I found one quote stuck with me the most. That was, “If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” that was originally said by Sir Isaac Newton. This meant to me that it was okay to ask for help from peers, mentors or anyone in your network to further develop yourself in your career. This stuck with me as I am getting ready to finish my degree and get out into the industry, I am going to have to seek assistance to get to where I want to be.

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