The importance of ‘Yes’

Late in 2014 we had an idea. There weren’t any launch parties or announcements … we didn’t even have a name, we just had an idea and we set about making it happen.

There were many reasons why we chose to follow our idea and grow generationYOU. One was the constant stream of negative press around young people (that still exists today) – particularly in the workplace. For some reason, millions of youth were placed in the same basket, stereotyped and labelled as failures before they even had the chance to step out into the real world.

To us, this didn’t makes sense. YOU are awesome. As one of the most educated generations that we have ever seen, the opportunity for positive change through your actions is unlimited!

Our goal was and still is, to help make that happen. To help you and other young adults #unleashyourpotential at work and in life … for your benefit and that of your family and your community.

Fast forward 3 years and we can see a strong message emanating from our content and our live events … JUST SAY YES. 

Yes to opportunities.
Yes to standing out of the crowd.
Yes to authenticity.
Yes to searching for your purpose.
Yes to giving things a go.
Yes to new friends.
Yes to experiences.
Yes to learning.

Today, in October 2017, YES takes on an even stronger meaning. Its a nod to equality, to love, to family, to respect, to dignity – to a better Australia.

Whilst we recognise that not everyone in our community will agree with the importance of saying YES to marriage equality (because you are individuals), we believe that there is no place for discrimination in Australia & in our workplaces and that our government has a responsibility to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected.

For this reason we are adding generationYOU and our parent company Bright Conferences to the 2104 organisations that support marriage equality.

We also encourage you to do the best you can to take an informed decision on the issue and to exercise your right to fill in the postal survey by October 27.