generationYOU Live 2018: Brisbane Wrap Up

We kicked off the first of our 2018 generationYOU one-day events in Brisbane on March 22nd! The day saw over 120 students join us at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to learn career knowledge and tips from our 15 speakers, amping up key skills to help them land their dream job and networking with each other, our sponsors and presenters.

Whilst there’s no way we can summarise all of the amazing advice we heard on the day – and we generally keep this for those who attended – we have picked our favourite quotes from the day for you.

Say YES to opportunities and hustle like there is no tomorrow //
“Find a mentor. It’s important that you have someone who you look up to. Often successful people make it look very easy, but don’t just assume that. Go and chat to them about how they got there!”

Networking. Turning strangers into friends and connections into raving fans //
“You should be thinking of networking as a noun, rather than a verb. You already have a network, you need to learn how to leverage it.”

Emotional Intelligence //
“All of you are going to be presented with incredible opportunities. And then you are going to be challenged.”

Communication //
“Nothing distracts people more than errors. Check your application, double-check it and then have someone else read it once you’re done.”

Problem Solving //
“Empower other people and they will find a solution with you! The key to this is asking the person the right trigger questions to unlock their potential.”

Career Corner //
“Academic success is not the be all and end all. We look at your entire application, including experience (volunteer and internship positions).”

Figure out who you are and how to tell the world: Building your personal brand //
“Your brand doesn’t need to be brilliant from day one, but it does need to have a vision.”

Be prepared for the workplace of tomorrow – predicting the Future of Work //
“We will always want personalised service and human connection, regardless of advanced tech and innovation.”