The Fear of Missing Out

We often get stereotyped as the generation of rabbits.

Why? Because of our fine hopping abilities. And to be more specific, ‘job hopping’ abilities. Let’s face it – the fear of missing out for millennials is all too real.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, by all means, if you’re two months into a job and it’s just not working out, hop away! There are plenty more opportunities for you to explore.

What I want to get to the bottom of is capitalising on an opportunity once you have it. Sure, there will always be a higher paying job, but will you ever be satisfied in a role if you’re too busy searching for the next big thing?

Why is the fear of missing out such a big deal?

I get it. We’re scared to miss out on the real deal. But from one millennial to the other, my tip is to find one or two things you’re absolutely passionate about and commit. Not only will this look better on your track record, but having this type of focus will allow you to develop, learn and grow. And what can does that eventually lead to? More awesome opportunities in the future.

I’ve been the Marketing Coordinator of generationYOU for the past year and nine months because I’m determined to make a positive change –  a key focus that I want to steer my career towards. We’re all going to do great things. Once you realise what it is you want to do, take a deep breath, go for it, and be fearless! Even when sh*t hits the fan.