Explore Jemma’s Army Story // Defence Force Recruiting

One of the reasons we love partnering with Defence Force Recruiting is because they encourage you to have an array of skills in your toolbox!

It’s not just about hard skills, but also increasing the amount of transferrable skills you have. What are transferrable skills? Think:

> Teamwork
> Communication
> Interpersonal skills
> Leadership

The video below features Jemma Hodgman, Staff Cadet, Defence Force Australia. Find out about why Jemma chose to build her skillset with Defence Force Australia and how she plans to use them for her career!


Defence Force Recruiting will be joining us at our 2018 generationYOU Live event in Adelaide, and we are proud to name Defence Force Recruiting as our 2018 Adelaide Platinum Partner – The Leader.

Career opportunities in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are as diverse as the skills you’ll learn. With over 250 different jobs in the Navy, Army and Air Force from trades, administration, combat and security right through to engineering, medical and health you’ll be sure to find a role that’s right for you.