generationYOU Events
A huge part of how we help young people unleash their potential and get sh*t done, is through the events that we host throughout the year.

From short sessions, to half and full day events, we give you the opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals, entrepreneurs, mentors and managers, all whilst growing your network, interacting with our partners and developing skills to help you stand out from the crowd! 

In 2020 our generationYOU event currently includes: 

>> genYOU Live - Adelaide - September
>> genYOU Inspire - Brisbane - April, May, Aug + Sep

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Topics we cover.
The skills you learn at generationYOU events are the ones that all employers seek. Known as 'soft skills' or 'enterprise skills', these are the skills you need regardless of whether you are an accountant, nurse, lawyer, mechanic, programmer, bioengineer or historian. 

Some of the key skills we like to focus on include:
Learning how to say YES to opportunities and hustle like there is no tomorrow
Turning strangers into connections and friends into raving fans
Practical advice to help attendees secure their next role
Personal Branding
Who you are and how you  authentically project that persona to the world
One of the most important yet underrated skills needed to succeed in the workplace
Emotional Intelligence
What is it? Why do we need it? How do you develop it?
What it means to be a leader and how you can step up to become one
The Future of Work
Preparing attendees for the future workplace of tomorrow
How will I learn these skills?
Unlike your typical uni lecture, at genYOU you will have the opportunity to learn and interact with industry legends. Individuals who have been in your shoes and who are passionate about sharing their journey, learnings and mistakes.

All of our events are run as a mixture of presentations made by industry legends + hands on activities, giving you as many opportunities as possible to put to practice the skills you are being taught.