Enterprise skills are key to getting the job you really want

Enterprise skills. In the world of careers – these skills are on fleek.

You want them. You have to have them. You’re just not entirely sure what they are.

What was once known as “soft skills” or non-technical skills, enterprise skills are skills that everyone needs regardless of their job. Think communication, problem solving, emotional intelligence, leadership, creativity and more.

Sounds fluffy? Think again. I have two points for you to consider:

1 // Enterprise skills are often the skills that will set you apart

This is particularly true when you are hunting for a job and when you are going through the interview process. When hunting for Whilst your technical skills, e.g. marketing, nursing or engineering may well be the benchmark – how you communicate or how you creatively can solve a problem will be the skills that set you apart from the rest.

2 // Key enterprise skills makes a difference to pay

The Foundation of Young Australians recently conducted a mass analysis of 4.2 million job ads posted between 2012 and 2015. The analysis of job ads found key enterprise skills make a difference to pay – in some cases to the tune of almost $9000 a year in annual salary.


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