Don’t wait. Break the door down!

Whilst others wait for opportunity to knock, YOU should be breaking the door down!

We say that generationYOU is designed for Millennials like yourselves. Young people who are struggling to bridge the gap between school/university and the real world of work. Because let’s face it – life is tough when you are trying to adult.

You are thrown in the deep end and expected to swim. ‘Here is a floating device’, we say, ‘It’s called a degree. Use it to stay afloat.’ But sometimes that is not enough. You need more. And that more is called experience.

The challenge is that experience takes time and not all of us can wait. We want to be happy now. To build a strong foundation. To lead a meaningful life today, not in ten years time. We want to be happy now. To build a strong foundation. To lead a meaningful life today, not in ten years time.

So instead, we choose to hack our way to success. Which is why generationYOU was born.

generationYOU puts you in the room with 16 mentors/employers/entrepreneurs. All there with one goal – to help you Unleash Your Potential to design your extraordinary life (whatever that is for you).

Great people from great organisations like GIVIT, The 5th, The Defence Force, Ashurst, Suncorp, The Urban List, Engineers Without Borders, Envato, Deliveroo, Little Tokyo Two, Brisbane Powerhouse, Melbourne Theatre Company, MiGoals, PlantMiner and more.

All these awesome achievers are going to help you hack your way to a better career. How? By having honest conversations around their experiences, what they expect from their employees, the mistakes they have made, how they read CVs, how they found their purpose and…

>> What being an entrepreneur is like

>> How to find your best self

>> The benefits of controlling your personal brand

>> Why networking isn’t only done at ‘networking events’

>> How to create your own opportunities

>> The importance of building resilience

>> How to stand out of the crowd in a recruitment process

>> How to get Sh*t done!!

+ Much much more.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you turn generationYOU into an explosive career opportunity:

1 // Come equipped with questions. Every session will have Q&A time at the end, particularly the Career Corner, Enterprise Skills session and Panel discussion on the Future of Work.

2 // Pick 3-5 speakers you would like to meet. Carry out basic research on them (LinkedIn, social etc) and make it a point to shake their hand at generationYOU.

3 // Follow that handshake with a LinkedIn request and mention that you loved their session at generationYOU. Do the same for the ones you didn’t shake hands with – that’s 16 new contacts right there!

4 // Think about a few goals you would like to achieve from the day. To meet someone new. Spend time thinking about your personal brand. Brainstorm 5 new opportunities you could follow. Anything. Get them done!

5 // Make your own business cards – or download an app like Haystack to share your contact details with the other people in the audience. You just never know who is going to help you with your next project! Build your network.

So don’t wait, say YES and join us for the next edition of generationYOU. Because whilst others are waiting for opportunities to knock, we are busy breaking the doors down!

Learn more about generationYOU 2018 here.