Creating greatness with gratitude and goals

With the holiday season in full swing, Christmas around the corner and a New Year approaching, there is only one thing left to do: contemplate. Nah screw that. Have fun, be merry and enjoy all the important people in your life!

But if you do end up feeling nostalgic for the year that has been, or hopeful about the one that’s coming; then here are two easy tasks that will help close the old and open the new.

1 // Express gratitude

Express gratitude for all the great things that happened in 2016. Even the little ones. You will be surprised at all the experiences, people and things you are grateful for and how it’s the simple things that bring you joy.

2 // Think of the year that’s coming

Picture yourself at the end of December 2017. What would you have achieved, what will your life be like, who’s around you? Visualise your life and add in as many details as possible. Write everything down, from income to friends, health, work, hobbies – anything and everything that comes to mind.

Whilst my gratitude practices are haphazard, I started working with both an annual and monthly goals list and was quite impressed by all the things that actually worked out. Even the silly ones that were out of my control and simply on my list as a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ goal.

OK so I didn’t drop two dress sizes and my surfing still sucks, but I hit some great financial goals, adopted a cute dog (Biscuit), took part in a 14km fun run and had a great family reunion in August (which is a mammoth effort considering that we are spread across three continents).

I’m pretty sure most of these things would have worked out anyway, however reading through the goals list every month and crossing the achievements off, just made it more tangible and achievable.

The process of being specific in what you want; reinforcing that want and asking for it often, not only helps direct the universe but also your actions and decisions. This is true irrespective of whether you have career goals, health, financial, social, leisure – it all works in the same way.

Actually writing down goals for all aspects of your life will help you keep balanced and give you perspective, especially if something goes wrong.

So grab a real sheet of paper and a pen that contains ink and list away. You are standing at the end of December 2017, what have you achieved? What does your life look like?

And because we are all about Unleashing your Potential, special consideration should go to your career goals:

> Kick off your freelancing career

> Apply for that volunteer role that you’ve been mulling over

> Write a killer intro letter

> Invest in your enterprise skills

> Pick up the phone and introduce yourself to the HR manager at your dream company!

> And don’t forget to let us know what your goals are for 2017! Pop them in the comments section below.

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