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Help! I’m stuck in a personal branding rut.

Here's the thing about building a personal brand. When you first decide you're going to give yourself a professional makeover by going to ALL the events; connecting with ALL the right people; writing new articles for a blog EVERY week; cleaning up your social media (and maybe even joining NEW platforms) ... it can be quite exciting, right!? And then it can get tiring.

Your personal brand is on the internet, whether you like it or not.

Make an effort to leave a comment on connection's posts (and they will usually return the favour), follow Company pages of who you are genuinely interested in (anyone can see which groups/pages you follow) and at the end of a successful internship/volunteer position, as your Manager for a recommendation on LinkedIn.

#NoFilter Personal Branding.

Once you hit university you start to realise just how important building your personal brand is - your reputation online, offline and in person becomes one of the stepping stones to a successful career.

Personal Branding 101 – What and Why.

Your personal brand is that “thing” which arrives wherever you go before you do and remains after you are gone. It’s how people talk about you and the traits and characteristics you are known and remembered for.

How to run a personal online brand audit.

An online audit will give you the opportunity to take stock of what others can read about you online, so that you can work out what to remove and what to add in, to make sure that it is an accurate and authentic representation of you.

Don’t wait. Break the door down!

Whilst others wait for opportunity to knock, YOU should be breaking the door down! We say that generationYOU is designed for Millennials like yourselves. Young people who are struggling to bridge the gap between school/university and the real world of work. Because let’s face it – life is tough when you are trying to adult. […]