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Why you should be at generationYOU Adelaide 2019.

So you’ve stumbled across generationYOU Adelaide through a friend, your University club, on Facebook or it’s the event your Mum keeps nagging you about. But who exactly is generationYOU and what happens at our events? Let’s get REAL. University is a big deal. So is the piece of paper you get after years of hard work and study! But in the real world, your degree is only half the story.

Job application tips, tricks and hacks.

Whether you are looking for your first job, a part time role, internship or tips to progress onto your second role – securing a job always starts with the application. Following on from our epic and very 1st genYOU Inspire session for 2019 on April 10 "Mastering job applications", we've put together the key tips, tricks and hacks from our legendary speakers to help you write your very best job application yet!

11 tips from our Industry Legends // Sydney & Adelaide

Wow, we had an absolute blast at our recent generationYOU Live Events in Sydney and Adelaide! As a final wrap-up, and a special resource for those of you who couldn't join us, we've collected some of the best advice from our speakers and popped them into a blog post for you!

generationYOU Melbourne 2018 Speaker Line-Up

At generationYOU, we don't pretend to know it all when it comes to your career journey ... after all, there is only so much we can teach you ourselves! That's why for our generationYOU Live Events, we enlist the expertise of a huge range of industry professionals.

An Intern’s perspective on generationYOU Brisbane 2018

As I am interning for Bright Conferences (the company who runs generationYOU), I was lucky enough to attend my first generationYOU event. I was uncertain what I could expect from the day but I knew I was in for a unmissable experience and boy, was I right.

generationYOU Live 2018: Brisbane Wrap Up

We kicked off the first of our 2018 generationYOU one-day events in Brisbane! The day saw over 120 students join us to learn career knowledge and tips from our 15 speakers, amping up key skills to help them land their dream job.

generationYOU Brisbane 2018 Speaker Line-Up

Our speakers who present at generationYOU are unique. Why? Because at generationYOU they don't talk about themselves or their companies, instead they share with you all of their career knowledge, tips, tricks and hacks!