Backing Yourself 101

I want to talk 100% honestly for the next few minutes.

As a 21-year-old who’s just completed her first university degree, is in her second week of a first full-time industry job and like you, has tasked herself with 100 ‘goals’, I’ve learned that my biggest competitor is not my friends, colleagues or other millennials- it’s myself. 

When I look back upon key “YES SUCCESS!” milestones in my life so far- getting my first preference for uni, running a half-marathon, finishing my degree and simultaneously landing a full-time job- I can distinctly remember doubting myself on the ability to pull through.

Yes, I know- everyone has doubts. I want to change the relationship I have with myself and explore the challenge of turning doubtful energy into a little habit I like to call “backing yourself.”


Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality. Upgrade your belief to match your vision.


Backing yourself to succeed in your dreams isn’t an easy process to learn. Social media has made it easy to find out someone’s job title, what car they own, if they live in the inner-CBD and if they are succeeding. It’s easy to compare your current journey with someone else’s and become disheartened.

Imagine if you spent time actively trying to be your own #1 fan. I’m talking about going beyond posting inspirational quotes on your Instagram (*ahem* guilty). Let’s start encouraging ourselves every step of the way that we take towards making our dreams, goals and visions a success. We had the courage to start! We have the determination to keep going! We have the passion to overcome any battles along the way!

I bet I would’ve enjoyed my 2012 Summer a lot more had I backed myself and trusted that the effort I put into my high school studies would get me into uni. I bet I would’ve enjoyed running the 2016 Gold Coast Half-Marathon had I backed myself and trusted the hours of training I put into it. I bet I would’ve enjoyed the taste of finishing uni and landing a full-time job had I backed myself and trusted that I can do so.


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being labelled as a generation that is lazy


Lazy isn’t volunteering in your industry or taking up an internship in your industry. Lazy isn’t using your breaks between classes to apply for jobs. Lazy isn’t attending workshops or seminars to make contacts and gain some practical extra knowledge. Lazy isn’t removing yourself from the #hustle and #motivation tag on Instagram and m a k i n g  it  h a p p e n.

If you’re putting sweat, tears and hard-work into making your dreams, goals and visions become a reality then there’s 100 reasons to back yourself and be your own #1 fan.

I’m excited to have made it where I am. I’m backing myself to make it further every single day. Are you with me?