The Backdoor to Job Hunting

So you’re currently a student who’s getting excited to enter the workplace full-time AKA you’re ready to finally apply your new-found knowledge and kickstart your career! Now all you have to do is land your first job role … trust me, this is much easier said than done.

Although there’s plenty of great opportunities online, the tough reality is that there are even more suitable candidates applying for these roles.

You see, as you’re taking the time to celebrate your graduation … so are thousands of other students all looking to enter the same industry as yourself.

Yes, your degree is a key part of your job application, but unfortunately this doesn’t automatically grant you access to a job! it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person applying for job roles, there are literally hundreds of other people also in the same situation, and some of them are often more qualified than yourself.

So how can you hack your way into applying for a job that no one else is applying for?

Well, imagine being able to jump the cue when applying for a job … the truth is – the job listings posted online are only a handful of the available opportunities out there!

Most organisations often know in advance that they need to acquire more talent as they continue to scale. The best hack is to uncover these opportunities before they become available to others.

Stop wasting your time just changing the company name in your cover letter, and instead focus your effort on customising a personalised introduction to these hidden opportunities.

So where do you start?

One // Take the time to evaluate what industry it is that you’d like to work within, then begin searching for businesses that stand out to you personally!

Two // Write a shortlist of these organisations and evaluate what it is that attracts you to them. Study each organisations work, clients and culture – learn as much as you possibly can about each organisation.

Three // Craft a personalised message to each organisation introducing yourself and explaining where you can provide value. By taking the time to personally reach out to these companies, you’re able to easily attract attention and properly introduce yourself.

Company founders appreciate nothing more than when candidates already understand their dynamic. Although they may not have any positions currently advertised, there’s always the possibility they’re planning on hiring in the near future.

Four // Always suggest a time to meet up and learn more about the Company. It’s important to always physically put yourself in front of a potential employer – this is the real opportunity to sell who you are. When you meet, let the founder know how exactly you could contribute to their organisation.

It could be a case of “I’ve noticed you have a blog on the Company website, but you’re only posting content once every few months. I have a strong background in content writing and a passion for this industry, so I would love to help create valuable content that could drive your SEO efforts.”

This paints a picture of how exactly you can be of use.

Five // Don’t be afraid to ask for opportunities – you could even ask the Founder if they could simply point you in the right direction. Business owners are generally well-connected and an introduce you to a wealth of opportunities.

After meeting, it’s always important to follow up and thank someone for their time. You should also suggest a next step in which you can progress in your employment pursuit.

This could be by organising a trial period as an intern, or even declaring your future availability.

Although this process of manually contacting organisation can take much longer than bulk applying for online job listings, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have a successful outcome in landing your first job within the industry you enjoy!



This article was written by guest blogger Lachlan Kirkwood – a digital-fiend and recent graduate.

At generationYOU we love creating #NoFilter resources for you that help you unleash your potential in your career and life! Watch this space for more fresh content, tips and career hacks from Lachlan.