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Never read a book again?

I saw a random statistic today, it said that post-college, over 42% of people would never read another book! The notion that anyone with a good standard of education, could potentially go through their adult life without reading ONE book is absurd.

The importance of ‘Yes’

We can see a strong message emanating from our content and our live events ... JUST SAY YES. Today, in October 2017, YES takes on an even stronger meaning. Its a nod to equality, to love, to family, to respect, to dignity - to a better Australia.

How to run a personal online brand audit.

An online audit will give you the opportunity to take stock of what others can read about you online, so that you can work out what to remove and what to add in, to make sure that it is an accurate and authentic representation of you.

Is searching for your purpose dragging you down? 

We have a tradition back home, where on your first birthday you are presented with an assortment of random objects and ’told’ to pick your favourite. That very important choice, which as a one year old, you would have considered greatly, will determine what you would likely do for the rest of your life. For […]

13 ways to become unemployable

It’s not only the jobless who become unemployable. There are many educated, 20-somethings who are invisible & struggling to win at work. If any of the below sound too familiar then it’s time to re think your approach!  1 // You are not putting your hand up for new opportunities or responsibilities. Step out of […]

Are you future proofing your career?

Let’s start with a quick reality check. If you are in your 20s now, you can expect a good 50 years of work ahead of you. That’s 50 years of change you need to be ready for. To put it in context – if you were to look back 50 years, that takes us to […]